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2016-Oct-15 23:12:07
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here's the vlog where i color my hair and get my nose pierced! TURN ON MY POST NOTIFS FOR A SHOUT OUT IN MY NEXT VID! ***OPEN SESAME*** thanks to @gabbiesenpai for finding all these clips of me touching my hair and compiling them lmao ▶SUBSCRIBE! ▶MY VLOG CHANNEL! ▶FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: @thegabbieshow ▶FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: @thegabbieshow ▶FOLLOW ME ON VINE: The Gabbie Show ▶SNAP ME! I SNAP BACK: TheGabbieShow ▶ ▶YOUNOW: thegabbieshow ▶MUSICAL.LY: @thegabbieshow SEND STUFF TO: gabbie hanna p.o. box 931168 la, ca 90093

Lainey Extras
Lainey Extras 2017-Jan-18 03:51:58

I have the same length as you and I've had it for about 7 years I literally feel exactly the same way about my hair as you did but this inspired me to cut my hair, I'm chopping it to my shoulders and coloring it on Saturday, thank you gabbie❤️❤️❤️

Pork Beans
Pork Beans 2017-Jan-18 03:16:31

u know what gabbie your butiful no matter what

night_core_girl 2017-Jan-18 03:06:00

when gabbie first uploaded this video right after I cut my hair that came down to my like knees I cut it's to like my shoulder lol

fatuma yusuf
fatuma yusuf 2017-Jan-18 02:20:30

You love your her more then me

Keyla Rodriguez
Keyla Rodriguez 2017-Jan-18 01:25:03

I cut my hair today

Lena Hoang
Lena Hoang 2017-Jan-18 00:44:17

I can't believe that Gabbie cut her hair

Meg Doyle
Meg Doyle 2017-Jan-18 00:39:55

You look so good

Shay Lingerfelt
Shay Lingerfelt 2017-Jan-17 23:21:59

you made me cut if my hair and now I cry so much cause I hate my hair now thanks alot😢😢😢

Katrine Boucher
Katrine Boucher 2017-Jan-17 22:53:55

She's so happy😊😊😊

Cecilie Linea
Cecilie Linea 2017-Jan-17 22:51:41

It's soooo pretty on you! Suits you so much better 😍😍!

-coming from a girl who's obsessed with long hair ✌🏼

Anna Mitchell
Anna Mitchell 2017-Jan-17 22:23:01

I got my hair cut to above my boobs and I cried for an hour. How is hair such a big part of my self esteem? Idk like I feel like I can't do anything with it like I could with my long hair

Moonchild 2017-Jan-17 22:05:00

I went back to watching this because in a few days I will cut 10 inches off myself to donate my hair....I've literally always had my hair rapunzel style long (my mom cut my hair for the first time when I was six) and I just hope and pray that I'll have that freed empowered moment that gabbie seemed to have.........

ratchet edits
ratchet edits 2017-Jan-17 21:53:22

why was this satisfying lol

mikaylaxirwin 2017-Jan-17 21:36:17

I've watched this video a thousand times and I don't know why this time I cried at the beginning...

Kaira Tucker
Kaira Tucker 2017-Jan-17 21:27:20

she looks so preety

Allie Flipz
Allie Flipz 2017-Jan-17 21:27:09

My hair was as long as gabbies 1 year ago then I chopped it it a pixie

Denim Youngblood
Denim Youngblood 2017-Jan-17 21:00:55

It was so pretty but she was so mad 😡 that it wasn't even 😂love you gabbi 😜

taaurus13 2017-Jan-17 20:43:15

I thought I was the only one who slept with their hair over their eyes. Built in eye mask!

taylor love
taylor love 2017-Jan-17 18:57:27

Girl I cut mine in June and it looked so good.

Sara Johansson
Sara Johansson 2017-Jan-17 18:51:22

You are so cute in your short hair! <3333