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2016-Jul-29 16:36:39
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softballfreak7953 2017-Jan-17 21:13:21

I love you guys your the best and in your number one fan

Elizabeth Carter
Elizabeth Carter 2017-Jan-11 12:45:37

Where did you get her

Anna and lily toy freaks friend and fan
Anna and lily toy freaks friend and fan 2017-Jan-05 12:18:11

why did you guys not call me

Amy Chang
Amy Chang 2017-Jan-02 02:22:17

I love you so much

Isabella Desha
Isabella Desha 2016-Dec-31 14:52:30

OSAA some adorable a set of double

Games Only
Games Only 2016-Dec-30 16:38:54

I love your songs 😄😄

Maria Vazquez
Maria Vazquez 2016-Dec-28 04:59:50

i like your videos

bubbleisha gaming
bubbleisha gaming 2016-Dec-27 12:54:09

dinosaurs are icstinked

TRSKARCER - 2016-Dec-26 01:56:04

It's so cut

Freakazoid The Bomb
Freakazoid The Bomb 2016-Dec-20 10:37:19

Does Oli go to school yet?

Ana Jauregui
Ana Jauregui 2016-Dec-17 17:48:50


Savannah McKelvey
Savannah McKelvey 2016-Dec-14 18:09:52

I have a nice nice nice nice nice cat

PatoPotato 2016-Dec-10 00:36:43

Now you have 2.1M subs

creeper07_killer Gaming
creeper07_killer Gaming 2016-Dec-08 15:22:34

What where is the kitty

Chantelle Selby
Chantelle Selby 2016-Dec-08 13:20:56

You gu

Manuel Antonio Garcia Veras
Manuel Antonio Garcia Veras 2016-Dec-05 13:29:45


zr zr and me
zr zr and me 2016-Dec-01 12:26:58

i haaaaave 2 cats mojo and tiki

norlie tagana
norlie tagana 2016-Dec-01 03:55:28

it,s cute

Super Dust power
Super Dust power 2016-Nov-29 14:17:37

I didn't now Daliy bumbs lives in ari Zona

Mika Mylee12
Mika Mylee12 2016-Nov-24 21:32:03

Karma kemelian?