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2017-Jan-10 21:45:19
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Rhi Moon
Rhi Moon 2017-Jan-17 22:51:27

Where is that hoody you're wearing at the end from 😩 need it!!

Karissa L
Karissa L 2017-Jan-16 04:30:10

I get that repetitive thought thing quite often. If I write things down and meditate, it helps a lot to shut it off - even if it's the middle of the night or whatever. Planning a wedding creates a lot of pressure and stress, but just try to remember it's really all about you and Maffew in the end. 😚

LaLunaa 2017-Jan-16 00:57:05

I need those headphones!!

Rebecca Riley
Rebecca Riley 2017-Jan-15 16:43:15

I saw that you put 8th January 2016...

dena rocca
dena rocca 2017-Jan-15 14:56:22

where did you get your head phones from?:) <3

Loren Morawietz
Loren Morawietz 2017-Jan-15 03:21:39

Totally know how you feel about the wedding stuff..... there was so much pressure from my husband and I's family for having a huge wedding. But when it got closer to our day we canceled everything and ran off to Disney World and got married there and stayed for 14 days! It's yalls day no one else's 💕

Alice White Rabbit
Alice White Rabbit 2017-Jan-14 14:29:16

My husband and I had a tiny wedding with only 6 people present. I didn't have a single member of my family present because they live in Australia and we live in London. It was too complex, expensive and long-winded to wait for an appropriate time and please everyone. It was hard emotionally because it wasn't how I had imagined my "big day" was going to be. After the ceremony we went to the pub for cake, pints and bubbly, then we had a romantic dinner for two and walked back to our hotel. If I was to do it again I would maybe have done it even smaller and low key but, we are happy and debt free so we can save for a house.

Do what makes you happy.
Best wishes!

Jasmine L
Jasmine L 2017-Jan-14 10:47:15

everything you said about the stresses of wedding planning is what I was saying planning it! it's all money money money and planning and feeling like you want everyone to be happy and enjoy the day! so much pressure!!
I worried all the way to the night before about things coming together, but when I woke up on my wedding day, I knew I had done everything I could do and from then I just went with the flow and it was the best day ever!!
now I just worry about how much we spent on if and I won't be going on holiday for the next 5 years hahaha! BUT everyone had a great time and now I can look to the future with my Husband, so it was worth it!
you will be fine :) xx

The Life of Rosie
The Life of Rosie 2017-Jan-14 09:34:25

Your eyebrows when you were editing your videos look AMAZING!! I don't know what you've done differently but they look so nice. Love your vlogs xxxxx

hanelno 2017-Jan-13 12:01:00

I have had sleeping issues since I was 12. Everything s not gonna work for every one but keeping a notebook next to my bed to make lists of everything I have to do, stress about, helps to take the thought out of my head. Then when you wake up most of the time you don't even care about half the things on that list :)

Ola Cash
Ola Cash 2017-Jan-13 05:41:40

You look amazing and are 24/7 lol

Hannah Braender
Hannah Braender 2017-Jan-13 04:03:43

My husband and I got married 6 months ago! While we were planning the wedding we had many melt downs wishing we could just say ** it! And go get married by an Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas but we didn't we kept with the wedding...... 6 months later we still wish we got married by Elvis! Of course we enjoyed having all of our family around us but at the end of the day all the money, color choices, food, DJ, the list goes on and on. That's all we wanted was to be happy, in love and to say I Do! I wish you two the best of luck!!!

Emily Steele
Emily Steele 2017-Jan-12 23:00:59

I love your honesty Helen! xx

Madeleine Bowers
Madeleine Bowers 2017-Jan-12 22:41:59

I think what you're talking about is sleep paralysis. Its the state between being asleep and being awake, it can cause your body to panic and sometimes make you see things. I get it all the time its fkn horrible

Megan Targett
Megan Targett 2017-Jan-12 21:59:01

... that's OCD. xxx

Christine Griffiths
Christine Griffiths 2017-Jan-12 20:30:16

Helen you need to down load the 'Rituals " app rituals like the brand that makes body lotions n candles and on their app is a guided meditation , honestly u will drift off no problem and learn how to stop all those mental thoughs bombing through ur pretty wee head X it's amazing

The Tattooed Crafter
The Tattooed Crafter 2017-Jan-12 19:20:25

Hey, you are feeling exactly the same as most brides. I as exactly the same 4months ago when we got married. One thing I'd say is I totally agree with what you've said. Weddings are stupidly expensive for what they are. A long as you 2 are happy don't worry about inviting your aunties dogs cousin because if you don't they'll get upset, or having favors or snacks etc. We wish we had kept it low on numbers and less fuss but ours is over now. Honestly though, just remember its about you 2, what you 2 want you have. And you'll never ever please everyone so just don't try. Try to enjoy the planning because honestly when that big day comes whatever decisions you have made they will be perfect and things will still go wrong on the day that are out of your control. X

Georgia Scott
Georgia Scott 2017-Jan-12 18:33:58

what is matthews channel? xx

Hayley Louise
Hayley Louise 2017-Jan-12 18:05:16

my mind does the exact same thing as you, and I suffer from generalised anxiety. perhaps talk to your doctor about solutions, even if it's just at night maybe sleeping tablets might be worth looking into xx