Do's & Don'ts of Drawing Hair! (For beginners/stylized)


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2017-Jan-12 00:17:09
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Edit: New video on more realistic hair now up! Hello everyone, in this video for beginners i'm going to be going over how to draw hair in an easy simple way. Hope you guys can learn something from this video! Let me know what you want to see next! Love you guys! - Rae Instagram: @Rae_Dizzle_ Storevny: Twitter: @Rae_Dizzle Tumblr: @Superraedizzle

Jaidyn Davila
Jaidyn Davila 2017-Jan-16 20:19:04

i did mine in a braide

itsMaria34 (MariaGaming)
itsMaria34 (MariaGaming) 2017-Jan-16 20:16:09


BooksMusicAndSarcasm 2017-Jan-16 16:40:08

other things to keep in mind: light source, the shape of the clump, shading more on the edges than in the center of the clump, which clumps have more and less highlight

Panda Kitties Forever
Panda Kitties Forever 2017-Jan-16 16:29:45

one of your eyelashes are crooked

Tyrannical 2017-Jan-16 16:28:52

I used my fingers to blend before I watched this video

AdaandGretaAnimations and more
AdaandGretaAnimations and more 2017-Jan-16 16:12:59

Omg you are an amazing artist! I love your shading it is pretty much perfect! You should be very proud <3

Zoe Najera
Zoe Najera 2017-Jan-16 15:24:45

I have a pencil only

nymphyno 2017-Jan-16 09:06:03

my art teacher discouraged the finger blending one of the reasons being you'll always leave a fingerprint. aaand I could just be terrible at it but so far it's been true for me

GooglyEyes 2017-Jan-15 23:57:08

Dos and donts of curly hair/afro?

Jenna Mahony
Jenna Mahony 2017-Jan-15 21:35:36

What if you're coloring the hair with marker?

abby rose
abby rose 2017-Jan-15 19:54:37

PSA!! my art teacher told me this and it's the best thing ever. instead of blendingwith your fingers your can take a paper towel and blend with that. no streaks whatsoever and you have so much control, you can fold it into a tiny point or you can use a big part of it for afloat area and it's like the perfect tool.

hidden BLUEwolf
hidden BLUEwolf 2017-Jan-15 17:05:36

can you do this with a 4b pen?

Chrystina k
Chrystina k 2017-Jan-15 15:40:46

Wanted to thank you for this video! I have been using this technique and it's been great! I wish I could show you!

Crazy Djjdbejshdbew
Crazy Djjdbejshdbew 2017-Jan-15 12:31:44

Who else drew what she did and kept pausing the videob

Strai Kat
Strai Kat 2017-Jan-15 07:56:58

I try to move the eraser shavings ever time you erase something

Tiffany- games&more
Tiffany- games&more 2017-Jan-15 04:54:20

to make your hair looking soft with a mechanical pencil, just start making the tip smooth and it also makes it comfortable for me.

Shusty Daw
Shusty Daw 2017-Jan-15 04:32:07

this helped me out SOO much. thankyou!!!

Rossi 46
Rossi 46 2017-Jan-15 04:03:31

Who else thought of the song blurred lines when she said blurred line?

Jaden West
Jaden West 2017-Jan-15 03:53:40

she looks like the girl from buzzfeed

Mimi Chan
Mimi Chan 2017-Jan-15 03:09:13

It's not my style because i draw manga but nice job 😝👌🏻🙃☺️