10 Easy Hairstyles for SHORT Hair


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2016-May-12 16:00:00
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Please excuse my awful fake tan. I know, it's literally horrendous haha! But I hope you enjoyed this video regardless :) PREVIOUS VIDEO: Chatty GRWM: Night Out! (Make-Up & Hair) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuzWaTJYWk8 Let me know which of these hairstyles is your favourite and if you recreate any of them, be sure to tag me on any of my social medias! Subscribe if you're feeling lovely! Thanks for watching, see you next week pals :) ♡ WHERE TO FIND ME ♡ Vlog Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm7kBbom0w196eKKPm96J_A Twitter: @fabuloushannahh Instagram: fabuloushannah Snapchat: fabulous.hannah Background Music: Either YouTube Audio Library or www.bensound.com Endslate Music: ODESZA - White Lies [KTRON Remix] | | provided by CopyrightFreeNetwork

SunshineBeautyXoXo 2017-Jan-24 06:38:03


Sophia Rodriguez
Sophia Rodriguez 2017-Jan-24 05:02:30

So I went to the hair cutting place and I asked for 2 inches of my hair to be cut off and the lady cutting my hair accidentally cut it off badly and then she had to cut it short because it would look ugly if she left it like that. I hate my hair so much! Maybe this would help make my hair look nicer.

Sarula147 XD
Sarula147 XD 2017-Jan-23 19:28:51

but you dont have a short hair...

xOmqEllax 2017-Jan-23 19:00:48

Omg Gurl! Your eyebrows are on fleek! What do you fill them in with? I have blonde hair and I can't find a eyebrow colour to fit my hair tone..

Soni Parveen
Soni Parveen 2017-Jan-23 04:36:48

not interesting

MLP Reality
MLP Reality 2017-Jan-23 02:01:03

Man,my hair is too short for pony tails

Amanda Y
Amanda Y 2017-Jan-23 01:23:55

I'm cutting my hair for the people that have cansure and I have blond hair I'm the one in the left corner .I'm nerves

xXx Red Roses xXx
xXx Red Roses xXx 2017-Jan-23 00:50:50

did she say "easy" or was that just me?

Hannah Sosby
Hannah Sosby 2017-Jan-22 22:43:27


krazy kriters
krazy kriters 2017-Jan-22 21:27:03

Taylor swift.😂

YeahSoph 2017-Jan-22 20:45:59

Everytime i watch your videos im just impressed with how much you look like scarlett johansson! love ur channel keep it up :)

Estefany Torres
Estefany Torres 2017-Jan-22 19:16:27

love ur eyes they look really pretty

Donia Mhomud
Donia Mhomud 2017-Jan-22 12:01:04

بصراحه تفهين

Jude Twal
Jude Twal 2017-Jan-22 10:51:50

you look like Taylor swift 😍😍😍

Abby W.
Abby W. 2017-Jan-22 02:42:43

Is your hair thick? I'm thinking about cutting my hair the length of your hair but I don't really have thick hair. I would really like your feedback :)

tommy tommy
tommy tommy 2017-Jan-22 02:07:11

Your hair so beautiful

Safiye AKTURA 2017-Jan-21 21:14:59

YOU are so pretty❤and your hairs too

TERKA staňková
TERKA staňková 2017-Jan-21 15:43:45

how old are you??