Drake - Childs Play (Official Video)


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2016-Sep-04 03:38:15
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Drake's new video ' Childs Play ' from the new album Views.

Apollo PeaceMan
Apollo PeaceMan 2017-Jan-24 06:37:54

I'm from New Orleans, I know what sample he using lol

NJ Arts
NJ Arts 2017-Jan-24 05:18:35

Tyra Banks still fine!

David Mercado
David Mercado 2017-Jan-23 18:04:28

Bounce that....

celiebreedlove 2017-Jan-23 17:07:13

cheers, boo.

a1duzit 2017-Jan-23 10:57:51

yhe stripper with blue outfit and and bunch of glitter on the far right. who is she?

Turbotundra 2017-Jan-23 08:20:02

Where is this video from?

beatGrade 2017-Jan-23 01:54:44

The beginning of this video is actually good acting.

Young Man
Young Man 2017-Jan-23 00:00:34

Why this video only got 3 million views woah this is news this can't be the original upload

Alexa Weaver
Alexa Weaver 2017-Jan-22 21:42:23

It sucks that I feel where she's coming from lol

Chanel Curtis
Chanel Curtis 2017-Jan-22 18:08:44

Infectious!.. hahahaha!

Ebony A'usharae'
Ebony A'usharae' 2017-Jan-22 17:19:33

Drake the type of nigga that a be ina strip club whispering ina stripper ear "you don't have to do this" 😂

Gabriel Rodriguez
Gabriel Rodriguez 2017-Jan-22 16:46:03

Drake the only guy I know who still acts smooth afther some girl slapts him with a cheesecake

Kwasi Fokuo
Kwasi Fokuo 2017-Jan-22 11:32:36

sniffs ..infectous

Aulia Nugraha
Aulia Nugraha 2017-Jan-22 08:35:44

yooo "Don't Know How" by PND was playing at the start of the video

Adil Ariff
Adil Ariff 2017-Jan-22 07:42:31

In the beginning.. who the fuck turns off the sink after they wipe their hands?!

been a cavsfan
been a cavsfan 2017-Jan-22 04:23:34

That's tyrah banks right?

Dominicana Duchess
Dominicana Duchess 2017-Jan-22 03:52:09


Kyle Starkman
Kyle Starkman 2017-Jan-22 03:22:58

drake better than kanye easy

Freeman Da Gospel Rapper
Freeman Da Gospel Rapper 2017-Jan-22 03:01:18

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Alivia Harris
Alivia Harris 2017-Jan-21 16:44:36

Tyra was the best fit for this omgggg