Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna's Wedding


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2016-Feb-01 03:10:41
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Home: Words and Music by the very talented Reese Lansangan. Arranged by Allen Dave Articulo and Choi Padilla ___ It was 2008. I met Pauleen for the first time, attending the wedding of Ruby's brother in Boracay. She was a stunner back then as she is today, albeit more quietly confident now. After the SDE, she said - "I'm single, I'm with no one right now, but when it's time, I'd love for you to film my wedding." "Gladly!" I said. And a pact was made. Late last year Vic finally proposed, and truth be told, I was hesitant to reach out first. I hated to intrude and "make papel." But this girl, she made good on her promise, just a couple of days after a message popped in my inbox. "Gladly!" Happy beyond words that finally, both of them are "home". ___ Oh my love Did they tell you Just how long a time It took for me to get to you And when the world Said it's impossible Said it's improbable The chances of me finding you But nobody knows How we go When we're alone It's like we're home My bones are safe And my heart can rest Knowing it belongs to you My world is changed And it's cradled by The comfort that is you Ooh Oh my love My head is reeling And I am running out of air I need to breathe in I didn't know That it was possible To put all that I am In the palm of your hand Now we're unstoppable But nobody knows How we go When we're alone It's like we're home But nobody knows How we go When we're alone It's like we're home

Tango Delapaz
Tango Delapaz 2017-Jan-14 12:53:20

i love it

Keith Dumayaca
Keith Dumayaca 2016-Dec-31 04:43:08

what's the title of the song? very romantic

bal ong
bal ong 2016-Dec-27 04:57:52

Maybe Dinna is watching around.

Retsam Ecar
Retsam Ecar 2016-Dec-26 07:44:05

Buti nakinig c Pauleen sa payo ni Zsa Zsa Goodjob

Leen favoir
Leen favoir 2016-Dec-22 17:45:24

Nakakaiyak..ganda pa ng song..

Jharlia Zerosix
Jharlia Zerosix 2016-Dec-15 13:23:29

age doesn't matter nga sa love

romarico kantotero
romarico kantotero 2016-Nov-24 09:03:29

vic hindi kamanlang nahiya inabutan mo pa yan nene pa nakakatwa ka gago

Myka Battulayan
Myka Battulayan 2016-Nov-13 15:35:31

Remember from this day on, we are one I will hold your hand in this journey and I will not let go. Thank you & I love you. Sweet. ❤

Myka Battulayan
Myka Battulayan 2016-Nov-13 15:34:08

True love knows no age, no boundaries, beyond what the eyes can see. That true love is felt. ❤

Chalk del Rosario
Chalk del Rosario 2016-Oct-25 17:23:58

ngiting tagumpay ang balak

Dahlia Manarang
Dahlia Manarang 2016-Oct-25 02:04:49

kakaiyak kahit ilang beses ko na napanood to. 😢

Cavs Nation
Cavs Nation 2016-Oct-22 09:42:49

Ang tunay na hokage level 9999 Vic Sotto :D

Bernadette Palermo
Bernadette Palermo 2016-Oct-21 12:19:29

Ewan ko. Basta ang alam k matalino k ineng.

Fey Tan
Fey Tan 2016-Oct-19 20:24:21

Ganda ni Pauline

Regine Mendieta
Regine Mendieta 2016-Oct-02 16:29:56

lets see after 10 years whats TRUE LOVE is

Gwiasda Gemma
Gwiasda Gemma 2016-Oct-01 07:59:13

Beautiful 😘

Lei Jong
Lei Jong 2016-Oct-01 07:46:44

Pwede bang irespeto na lang ang desisyon nila? Tska bakit ba ang daming bashers sa mundo? Puro kayo panglalait e..wala naman masama sa age gap. Ang mahalaga mahal nila isa't isa. At isa pa, walang pinagkaiba ang ganitong relasyon sa ibang pinay na nakapag-asawa ng foreigner na mas malaki pa ang age gap. Halerrrrr!

Erika Jean Salazar
Erika Jean Salazar 2016-Sep-23 08:26:04

I know they're in love and I respect that but I really cant help but cringe. In my opinion, 10yrs gap is probably the farthest you should go.

Jenilyn Gonzales
Jenilyn Gonzales 2016-Sep-21 01:25:11