How It's Made: The Sublime Mercedes-Benz C-Class - Extreme Factory Production Line


Video filmed inside a Mercedes-Benz factory and showing how the the Mercedes-Benz C-Class is made. The Mercedes-Benz C - Class is a passenger car of the Mid-size car segment produced by the German manufacturer Mercedes-Benz since 1993. It is the successor to the Mercedes-Benz 190. Video credit: Dailmer AG Sector of activity: automobile manufacturer Website: About Extreme Machines Magazine: Extreme Machines Magazine is a website and a YouTube Channel that lists all the latest novelty of the industrial and agricultural sector. You are a professional or simply a fan, don't forget to subscribe us and visit our website ! If you are a company and want us to present your product or service please contact us with the following email . DISCLAIMER: As a journalistic work, the content presented on this YouTube channel is protected by fair use rights. If you have a problem or a suggestion with some of our content, please contact us with the email contact provided in the channel description.

huschusser 2017-Jan-16 04:18:55

no wonder those cars are known for mechanical issues, they are made by europeans

Jonathan Nagela
Jonathan Nagela 2017-Jan-16 02:00:29

Why are mecedes unreliable and extremely expensive to maintain?

UberDude 2017-Jan-15 06:35:45

Now I see why i can't get to certain parts on my German Car. They put the damn Body on top of everything.

Mamadou Soumahoro
Mamadou Soumahoro 2017-Jan-13 17:44:07

Il mio sogno è di lavorare li hahahahaha

kroizzy 2017-Jan-11 23:04:31

who else thought it was toilet roll in the thumbnail

kroizzy 2017-Jan-11 23:03:01

who else thought that it was toilet roll in the thumbnail 😂

claude salkeld
claude salkeld 2017-Jan-11 19:43:36

So What...

Kaafi Calas
Kaafi Calas 2017-Jan-11 18:38:48

we're need to tax these robotic machines that takes job away from people

JOHN PAPA (Daddy Peloponnesian)
JOHN PAPA (Daddy Peloponnesian) 2017-Jan-11 16:16:21

This fucking piece of junk cost me 50000 dollars?!?! Fucking unbelievable fucking rip off I want my fucking money back!!!!

ΘΕΟΔΩΡΟΣ ΓΚΙΚΑΣ 2017-Jan-11 15:32:58

rubbing the car with a wrist watch on,not a smart move..

Tai Shane
Tai Shane 2017-Jan-11 02:52:52

Wait, I thought the coil of blue sheets of metal or something was to put it over the car for its actual color.

FANS MADRIDISTA 2017-Jan-11 02:20:41

esto es ingenería automotriz ?? porfa me podrían decir

Jimmy H
Jimmy H 2017-Jan-10 15:06:41

They need robots to built our houses. I am not happy with the work quality of human race.

Mohammed Alhosani
Mohammed Alhosani 2017-Jan-10 14:39:32

Superior German engineering

CarLover Mendez
CarLover Mendez 2017-Jan-10 14:32:20

ummmm......dont this neeedsss to start at the beginning like in the very beginning...where they are making the parts you put the one where the part are already put in the car.

guachingman 2017-Jan-10 10:23:46

it doesnt matter how state of the art fine job robots can do, they still cant replicate the human hand and the human eye.

captain crunch
captain crunch 2017-Jan-10 03:32:21

its coming,human depopulation,has anybody seem the self driving tesla?,
the asian human like companion robot? in 3-5 years we're going to married a robot intead of a woman they dont want to cook or clean the house and the world is running out of beautiful asian massagers tha give happy endings

captain crunch
captain crunch 2017-Jan-10 03:12:39

michael j...i was going to say the samething, how much $ does the guy that just rubs the steering wheel make an hr??

Terry 2017-Jan-09 21:25:28

More machine now than man.......twisted and evil

Lukholo Ranelo
Lukholo Ranelo 2017-Jan-09 19:39:02

blessed is the man that drives this car before he goes to have