Barack Obama Singing Starboy by The Weeknd (ft. Daft Punk)


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2017-Jan-11 12:00:02
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Albina Mursalova
Albina Mursalova 2017-Jan-25 00:07:42


Fernando Gonzalez
Fernando Gonzalez 2017-Jan-24 23:38:39

I like this version of starboy

Bezerk Angels
Bezerk Angels 2017-Jan-24 23:34:42

This version actually sounds pretty great!

Bel Sky
Bel Sky 2017-Jan-24 23:21:06

I've been laughing so hard bc of this

Melchzedek Peter
Melchzedek Peter 2017-Jan-24 23:20:16

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha x2 Imma MF Star Boy!

créafimo 2017-Jan-24 22:19:10

the best video😍😂😂

It's Ya Boi JOHN CENA Thun Thun thun
It's Ya Boi JOHN CENA Thun Thun thun 2017-Jan-24 20:31:15

The song was good but I want the entire song

Mari Marishka
Mari Marishka 2017-Jan-24 20:25:24

He's very lovely

Donald Anderson
Donald Anderson 2017-Jan-24 19:03:32

There was definitely an ocean of 'uhhs' to chose from with this clown.

Ponax Restorations
Ponax Restorations 2017-Jan-24 18:38:19

unfortunately it's time for you to make DonaldDubs

HiimFull 2017-Jan-24 17:51:42

so when is trumpsdubs coming ?

Dre 007
Dre 007 2017-Jan-24 13:09:57

That's a lot of editing

DimensiiioN 2017-Jan-24 10:49:59


Ron Yuma
Ron Yuma 2017-Jan-24 08:44:32

Soon, you'll have to do these with trump.

Gamer Oyuncu
Gamer Oyuncu 2017-Jan-24 07:25:45

i like it

Aisha Jones
Aisha Jones 2017-Jan-24 06:59:25

Barackdubs you are genius, I love it!

bunny lover05
bunny lover05 2017-Jan-24 05:08:10

BD just edited when he cursed he didn't really curse
(If u agree leave a like and let me know if u do agree or don't agree have a nice day)

Maritza Ochoa
Maritza Ochoa 2017-Jan-24 04:41:26

😂😂😂 funny