John Legend - Love Me Now


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2016-Nov-11 15:00:01
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| columbia | love me now | john legend | r&b |
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John Legend's official video for "Love Me Now" Get his new album 'DARKNESS AND LIGHT' today! Shop The John Legend Music Store: Follow John Legend: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat:

lilly jill
lilly jill 2017-Jan-18 03:14:11

I just have new respect for John after watching this video Wish more singers would have a character like him !

John 2017-Jan-18 03:14:05

John is the man!

Thanks for making music my friend

Anabelle Podolak
Anabelle Podolak 2017-Jan-18 03:09:33

Who else thinks this song lights up your day and inspires you to be yourself? This song helped me so much to be myself and to let me know that a lot of people love ourselves but we don't know it. It just really is inspiring.

mads 2017-Jan-18 02:39:19

this song is the kind of song that you just close your eyes and get lost in the music and so many memories flow through your mind

Chloe Phang
Chloe Phang 2017-Jan-18 02:13:31

I love this video

little broadbent
little broadbent 2017-Jan-18 01:54:44

the boy at 

Brandon Alligood
Brandon Alligood 2017-Jan-18 01:13:01

Wat marleny Anna Wat u mean

Camillia Rosser
Camillia Rosser 2017-Jan-17 23:40:48

lov this song it breaks my heart

Maddy Wallace
Maddy Wallace 2017-Jan-17 23:40:34

I thought that All of Me was good this one blows it out of the water like a hurricane

Jasmine Colavita
Jasmine Colavita 2017-Jan-17 23:25:23

love this video love me now plz.....

Jazel Alicia
Jazel Alicia 2017-Jan-17 23:18:23

The boy holding the kitten was so cute

laura dodds
laura dodds 2017-Jan-17 23:09:27

iesha like this song that's my daughter

King jj
King jj 2017-Jan-17 22:56:18

it reminds me of my brother sister and mom I miss love them so much it tears me up inside I'm in USA THEIR IN BARBADOS

Erica Dowell
Erica Dowell 2017-Jan-17 21:49:00

John legend lil girl is so gorg❤❤❤❤

Tiyonneteona Davis
Tiyonneteona Davis 2017-Jan-17 21:25:43

I love ❤️ this song

Mark Wouters
Mark Wouters 2017-Jan-17 20:46:03

4 words: I love this song

Cosmin Krzysztof
Cosmin Krzysztof 2017-Jan-17 20:30:42


Isa Pitt
Isa Pitt 2017-Jan-17 20:20:36

Mr. M. Varhalmi, I'm going to love you now baby

Estelle Bo
Estelle Bo 2017-Jan-17 20:02:34

fantastic ! I'm falling in love with this song