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December 18th, 2016 Huge thanks to Michael Kelly for shooting our wedding! ▶Website: http://www.michaelkellyfilms.com.au/ ▶Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ4G2gG4cSJHJTsMKWuvNeA Huge thanks to Josh Lovegrove for recording these wedding songs! ▶Website: https://lovegrovemusic.com/ ▶Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joshlovegrove/ Our main channels! ▶Jess: https://www.youtube.com/c/bauerbirds ▶Gabriel: http://www.youtube.com/gabriel Follow us! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter... ▶ Jess: http://www.twitter.com/jessb ▶ Gabriel: http://www.twitter.com/gabrielconte Instagram: ▶ Jess: http://www.instagram.com/jessbauer ▶ Gabriel: http://www.instagram.com/gabrielconte Snapchat: ▶ Jess: jessbauer ▶ Gabriel: gabrielconte Facebook: ▶ Jess: http://www.facebook.com/bauerbirdsyt ▶ Gabriel: https://www.facebook.com/TheGabrielConte ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Send us stuff! PO Box: 4804 Laurel Canyon Blvd. #1088 Valley Village, CA 91607 Love you guys!! Jess & Gabriel xx

Miriam Theissen
Miriam Theissen 2017-Jan-16 21:51:10

Very lovely ♡

Patricia Torrico
Patricia Torrico 2017-Jan-16 21:40:58

they are such a cute couple

Sonjya Jensen
Sonjya Jensen 2017-Jan-16 21:35:03

This brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it. I really hope I can have a relationship like your guys it's so inspirational. I love u guys so much

katelyn Hemmings
katelyn Hemmings 2017-Jan-16 21:11:38

Your guys made me cry so did the other videos of jess' Dad singing and her sister xxx ❤❤❤

GBD EGD 2017-Jan-16 21:10:47

😭😭😭😭💕i wish you guys the best😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

LivingWithBryn 2017-Jan-16 21:07:06

I'm 13 and all I want in my life is to have a good relationship like Jess and Gabe and they are actually couple goals. congratulations <3

Alice Barry
Alice Barry 2017-Jan-16 21:04:32

I`m Jacko at ...

Vonetta Cullars
Vonetta Cullars 2017-Jan-16 20:55:21

found your videos by accident..your story is beautiful..God Bless you and your union! I got married on Dec 18th 2016 as well

lindsey xo
lindsey xo 2017-Jan-16 20:53:13

okay i just finished and have never cried so hard

Tash whitt
Tash whitt 2017-Jan-16 20:52:59

How old are they?

Lexie Massey
Lexie Massey 2017-Jan-16 20:51:01

When they were praying I was in tears

Muqaddas Ghafoor
Muqaddas Ghafoor 2017-Jan-16 20:48:43

Omg this is so adorable u guys r so perfect for each other

lindsey xo
lindsey xo 2017-Jan-16 20:47:37

as soon as god bless the broken road started playing i wanted to cry

Molly Cooper
Molly Cooper 2017-Jan-16 20:46:25

I'm not crying I don't even know what you mean , I've just got hair in my eyes and they started watering ... A lot

Molly Elizabeth
Molly Elizabeth 2017-Jan-16 20:43:10

I just heard "My sweet.." and instantly started to cry. I love weddings so much

Lmao Oo
Lmao Oo 2017-Jan-16 20:41:28

so beautiful I'm in tears; makes it daunting how single I am

Al' Drdn
Al' Drdn 2017-Jan-16 20:36:21

I pray to find a Gabriel in my church one day...

Dewayne Li
Dewayne Li 2017-Jan-16 20:28:31

What's the song from the last part?

Melanie Silva
Melanie Silva 2017-Jan-16 20:25:25

I cry everytime I watch this video. You guys were literally made for each other and it's juts so amazing to see how God's plan works for each and everyone of us.
Seeing your guises love for one another gives the rest of us hope to find our own true love one day.
I love you guys!

Mariceci Barrera
Mariceci Barrera 2017-Jan-16 20:07:59

I'm not subbed but I'm very curious how they met?