The all new BMW 7 Series. All you need to know.


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2015-Jun-12 00:34:12
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Jake Müller Lewandowski
Jake Müller Lewandowski 2017-Jan-11 03:22:12

for one moment i thought was obama the presenter

Olwethu Abrahams
Olwethu Abrahams 2017-Jan-04 23:17:20

hello i would like the free bmw 7series do you have any damanged one you dont want becuse isaw the video saying i could get one for free thank you

Crazy boy
Crazy boy 2016-Dec-30 15:20:29

Can anybody tell me its exact price.# In $

Sab Us
Sab Us 2016-Dec-27 02:08:02

Clarkson says what a cheap plastic))) BMW unreliable

Playstation master race
Playstation master race 2016-Dec-25 18:22:22

i can afford that car

Flyy Mal
Flyy Mal 2016-Dec-23 01:51:07

This man knows his stuff! We need more youtube car reviewers like you man!

Jayshree Patel
Jayshree Patel 2016-Dec-21 18:19:02

can you give me this car in free in india gujrat or any contest to win this car

Scott Faith
Scott Faith 2016-Dec-19 18:38:13


Ernesto Guerrero
Ernesto Guerrero 2016-Dec-17 04:50:19

i look at my lil 3 series and its nothing compared to this amazing car thank god for BMW they are the best

mahmuda karim
mahmuda karim 2016-Dec-14 22:41:33

Future is near!!!

sukrut wani
sukrut wani 2016-Dec-12 14:39:27

This car is amazing

MY TV 2016-Dec-05 15:14:34

I like this car and this functions

Dmz Worldwide
Dmz Worldwide 2016-Nov-30 03:51:13

Can I repost this?

Al imran
Al imran 2016-Nov-28 14:53:30

I have this car at my house in Dubai

imuteu 2016-Nov-26 03:09:33

obama should have been the presenter.

bobo42024 2016-Nov-25 16:45:13

Amazing car and the interior and features are dope as fuck. Only downside is that for a car over $100,000 , it would be nice that it could drive itself. Great car but I would probably pick Tesla just because of the auto driving feature.

Wendell Johnson
Wendell Johnson 2016-Nov-25 04:43:43

ill gladly take a srt8 or a r/t. I can get down on that engine whenever I want.

Wendell Johnson
Wendell Johnson 2016-Nov-25 04:35:01

any of that electronic things break your fucked. starting off 1000 or more to even fix. beautiful car. but don't want the problems to even fix it.

hany hosny
hany hosny 2016-Nov-16 17:39:50

BMW 7 Series
is the best

Naufal khls
Naufal khls 2016-Nov-12 04:36:40

My Dream Car! Hopefully! One Day!