3 HOURS Relaxing Music "Evening Meditation" Background for Yoga, Massage, Spa


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2014-Aug-14 16:49:53
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3 HOURS Relaxing Music "Evening Meditation". Relax your mind and body during this background calming instrumental composition. Use it for Zen meditation, Reiki, Yoga, spa, sleep, massage and study in background. Our another new amaing meditation video https://youtu.be/6GdP31jXyEY Chinese Music for Acupunture by EduardoArenas is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence. https://soundcloud.com/arenaseduardo/chinese-music-for-acupunture Our SOUNDCLOUD https://soundcloud.com/grey-houston Join our Amazing Official Facebook community: www.facebook.com/YourRelaxMusic Our Twitter: www.twitter.com/M__R__Music Finally!! Our Music is Live on Web from 1st of February! OUR NEW RELAXING MUSIC ALBUMS ARE AVAILABLE on ITUNES and other 130+ MUSICAL Stores and Steam Services! ITUNES https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/mrm-team/id1042049102 See other links in "About" Section or Google

Arie Arie
Arie Arie 2017-Jan-16 21:21:33

ma soeur pour que elle dort je lui mets la musique

Suzy Yaun
Suzy Yaun 2017-Jan-16 13:04:04

this worked so well that my brother had a hard time waking me up thank you (the honest guys)

Romi Romi
Romi Romi 2017-Jan-16 04:56:31

just loved this music it's feels like in heaven

Danny Soto
Danny Soto 2017-Jan-16 04:33:24

zogJhones is wrong it is not a burrito it is a towel

Alicia Escobar
Alicia Escobar 2017-Jan-15 22:37:16

carpetas a crochet

Загира Владимировна
Загира Владимировна 2017-Jan-15 09:49:25

өте керемет

Jens gjedbo Kjær
Jens gjedbo Kjær 2017-Jan-15 08:14:04


Jens gjedbo Kjær
Jens gjedbo Kjær 2017-Jan-15 08:12:33

I like des Mosic

ᴄᴏʀᴘsᴇʟᴇʏ ᴅ.ɢ
ᴄᴏʀᴘsᴇʟᴇʏ ᴅ.ɢ 2017-Jan-14 22:37:27

these comments::
20% "i use this to _"
30% "who came from zoella"
40% "the towel looks like a burrito"
10% "gooD sHI T mmMmmmmmmmMMMM rI g H t tH e rE"

muhamad abbas
muhamad abbas 2017-Jan-14 21:25:06


Le MiMoZa
Le MiMoZa 2017-Jan-14 17:33:00

bonjour serait il possible de l'avoir par mail ?

Paula Carvalho
Paula Carvalho 2017-Jan-14 12:45:29

Muito bom!!! Obrigada.

Al Ameer
Al Ameer 2017-Jan-14 05:51:52

Goodnight. World peace 😴💤

Tiffany Radley
Tiffany Radley 2017-Jan-14 04:02:40

my cousin fell asleep so fast with this music it's so calming and relaxing

Gamer Kitten
Gamer Kitten 2017-Jan-14 03:01:09

I thought the towel thing by the stones was a burrito...

Don't judge me.

Aris Petro
Aris Petro 2017-Jan-14 01:07:05

when I hear the music I slept in 5 minutes

Juice Cute
Juice Cute 2017-Jan-13 21:05:44

wow helps me to go to sleep early

Patrizia Ravetta
Patrizia Ravetta 2017-Jan-13 19:40:06


MARLENA KORF 2017-Jan-13 19:19:09

ekstra a ja przy tym robiłam jogę tym

filippos pappas
filippos pappas 2017-Jan-12 23:44:52

Super! !!!!