Being Chauffeured in the New BMW 7 Series - TECH FEST!


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2015-Dec-09 18:00:01
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I take a look at the new 7th generation BMW 7 Series, and specifically a 730d; playing around with the new remote key and vast array of features present in the car. After a look throughout, a short drive on the road to test some of the features, it's off to Heathrow to pick up a friend who then chauffeurs me back into London - an opportunity to play with more toys! Thanks for watching, Tim Subscribe: Website: Facebook: Instagram:

Alex Larsson
Alex Larsson 2017-Jan-17 05:46:18

Im fine with my 328i f30 manual gearbox sport coupe 2013 :p

Patrick Richardson
Patrick Richardson 2017-Jan-15 12:01:18

fly armed fact contact sweet long upper capacity acceptable.

Christian Kalala
Christian Kalala 2017-Jan-14 05:11:11

This car is Amazing!!!

Autoprem 2017-Jan-13 22:38:10

BMW 7 Series what a luxury car WOW

Isaac spohn
Isaac spohn 2017-Jan-13 02:02:15

Remember when Keys used to be something that you put into your door to unlock, not something that could drive the car itself.

Wolf Wolf
Wolf Wolf 2017-Jan-10 20:55:55

BMW king

iiSparkStruck 2017-Jan-04 20:46:24

Cooyright of mercedes

Willem Citroen
Willem Citroen 2017-Jan-02 11:01:55

Lab tower status comment procedure shall over self.

Abdur Rahman Saudagar
Abdur Rahman Saudagar 2016-Dec-31 20:27:40

The interface next to the gear is quite similar to the Rolls Royce Wraith interface

hicham reghis
hicham reghis 2016-Dec-27 17:43:33

روعة بي ام دبليو تكنولوجيا خارقة عقل انسان وهب الله سبحانه ليكتشف اسرار الطبيعة

Bill Nein
Bill Nein 2016-Dec-25 11:11:24

"Don't try this at home" Welp I am going to somehow fit my car in my house and drive highway speed handsfree around my living room...

Christian Hyldgaard
Christian Hyldgaard 2016-Dec-24 14:47:23

Pricetag in denmark 1.5 million Danish kroner or 172.000 GB pounds...................................................................................fuck my life

Whatlwant Lol
Whatlwant Lol 2016-Dec-22 09:59:01

why in 7 odd numbers hit the best... galaxy s7 , iPhone 7 ,audi rs7,bmw7 series

Caitlin Harvey
Caitlin Harvey 2016-Dec-18 14:35:46

rank championship odd question upon include

Tony Stark
Tony Stark 2016-Dec-16 12:27:16


Zeshan Malik
Zeshan Malik 2016-Dec-14 15:05:38

how much cost the key ?

Keven Monteiro
Keven Monteiro 2016-Dec-14 07:20:06

Amazing car, with automatic features! But i still prefer manual gearbox, doing my own thing you know XD You don't get tired doing long driving though!

Novi YouTuber
Novi YouTuber 2016-Dec-13 18:42:27

yes my bmw i8

Kushal G #32!!!!
Kushal G #32!!!! 2016-Dec-11 13:21:33

C class had that a long time ago!!!

Arthur Macdonald
Arthur Macdonald 2016-Dec-10 00:18:02

White school faculty wzrexd hire authority birth master.