Little Mix 'Hair' - (Live At The Summertime Ball 2016)


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2016-Jun-11 22:46:04
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Ribka Leonardy
Ribka Leonardy 2017-Jan-21 02:12:05

OMGGGGGG. but i love little mix

Angelica Alalay
Angelica Alalay 2017-Jan-20 23:56:18

They slayyy it 😍 and i love their dance on ❤

Misani Misani
Misani Misani 2017-Jan-18 15:11:43


Roland Herbert
Roland Herbert 2017-Jan-16 22:29:39

I love this bop live especially.

Merveille Musau
Merveille Musau 2017-Jan-16 21:16:51

I love them all but am I the only one who is so stuck by Jade. There's just something about the girl. It's even more confusing because I'm a straight girl

Camia Alexis
Camia Alexis 2017-Jan-16 14:22:31

Sean Paul showed up to everyone's performance except little mixes ha

KweenPoopey 2017-Jan-15 09:55:08

Jade slays my existance

Caesario Mi'radz
Caesario Mi'radz 2017-Jan-13 18:19:28

These girls always look stund always giving a girls spirit,So talented!love this girls so much❤❤

Thais Danielle Braga Gregório
Thais Danielle Braga Gregório 2017-Jan-13 12:58:18


Adriana G
Adriana G 2017-Jan-08 17:28:50


Rosemarie Romasanta
Rosemarie Romasanta 2017-Jan-07 23:22:01

I subscribed

Karr Lee
Karr Lee 2017-Jan-07 01:46:09

Best Girl Group In Hollywood.

Shana K'
Shana K' 2017-Jan-05 00:05:33

I love the fact that they always wear 4 differents outfits but which are in a same theme 😍

Emily Benson-Mottu
Emily Benson-Mottu 2017-Jan-04 11:57:22

Perrie and Jades voices are so amazing honestly they need no editing at all. neither does anybody else I just love their voices the most. Especially Perrie.

Joaquim Eversham
Joaquim Eversham 2017-Jan-02 09:41:40

they were a bit out of breath

DM L 2016-Dec-30 08:07:21

Omg, Jade!! 

little mix
little mix 2016-Dec-30 06:59:49

I love perrie, jade and Leigh Anne vocals. I love jesy too, just not hyped about her live vocals.

little mix
little mix 2016-Dec-30 06:57:50

my babies

Jong Ibaañez
Jong Ibaañez 2016-Dec-30 05:17:01


Emily Chamberlain
Emily Chamberlain 2016-Dec-29 12:17:04

but i live along away way