Nikki and BJ: The Wedding


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2016-Jun-27 02:49:25
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| nikki gil | jason magbanua | wedding | garden wedding |
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Gahd I love this couple. Love love them so much. Special thanks again to Mr. Johnoy Danao for writing Right Time for them . Such a beautiful song.

Elizabeth Tamayo
Elizabeth Tamayo 2017-Jan-17 08:58:33

wow. This made me cry. So inspiring.

Sha Kitty
Sha Kitty 2017-Jan-14 16:24:05

true loves wait .. 😍😍 wishing for my right man nikki ❤❤ good choice nikki deserve a right man and thats BJ ❤💙❤💚💛💜

Unia Juma
Unia Juma 2017-Jan-14 12:47:27

Everything about this is beautiful.

Shan Styles
Shan Styles 2017-Jan-13 15:04:18

Pansin ko lang lahat ng pinanuod ko relo ang gift nila sa partner nila. Hahahahaha

May Princess
May Princess 2017-Jan-12 16:58:15

bisaya po ba si nikki? kasi sabi nya 'my palangga' :) ang cute !!

Roxanne Ermino
Roxanne Ermino 2017-Jan-12 05:00:23

wow !! ang galing nyo po talaga Sir Jason <3

monami lupango
monami lupango 2017-Jan-11 23:11:58

kaiyak nmn nun msg ng daddy ni Nikki...

Arlene Zapanta
Arlene Zapanta 2017-Jan-11 19:09:03

Nice wedding

Bea Tano
Bea Tano 2017-Jan-10 06:18:55

Does anyone know what's the title of the beautiful instrumental played in the intro of this video?

FRKOT VIDEO 2017-Jan-06 19:13:55


Joy Bayan
Joy Bayan 2017-Jan-06 12:01:25

im so happy for u nikki u have the best man god just keep u safe from the wrong one...

Jeannine Maxwell
Jeannine Maxwell 2017-Jan-04 02:35:13

I don't even know who these people are or anything about this love story but that was absolutely beautiful. Makes me want to know these people ❤️

Kobra Ky
Kobra Ky 2016-Dec-30 04:37:47

she is lucky she didnt marry billy crawford. all these actresses in the philippines and the world have bad taste in men and they go for the good looking bad boy who always cheats on them. always marry a humble guy even if he is average looking and not some cocky douche like billy crawford, luis manzano, or enrique gil.

Franciscojr Ganawil
Franciscojr Ganawil 2016-Dec-27 15:39:40

swerte guy

Godwin Dogbey
Godwin Dogbey 2016-Dec-27 11:28:20

which country are they from?

Ricky R.
Ricky R. 2016-Dec-26 23:55:55

u deserve it ate nikki to have bj in ur life better than billy.

Nonamae Recto
Nonamae Recto 2016-Dec-26 09:50:53

thanks for the vedio,,.,.

sabah javed
sabah javed 2016-Dec-24 04:47:36

Wow! What a wedding video. I love that GOD was put first and he sure has put you both FIRST! Wishing you both lifetime of happiness. Thanks for shedding my happy tears! Love from NY -m

Juliet Gevera
Juliet Gevera 2016-Dec-19 01:28:10

Nicky deserves it.

Dorothy Dorado
Dorothy Dorado 2016-Dec-18 15:43:24

im Glad that nikki ended up with this guy! a godly man...