Realistic Minecraft - OUR FIRST DAY IN MINECRAFT #1


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2016-Sep-03 16:32:40
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Realistic Minecraft - Minecraft in Real Life with Little Lizard Episode 2 : Today Little Lizard had a HUGE surprise in the Little Club HQ, the mad scientist has invented a portal that can bring real people into the game of Minecraft, Little Lizard decides to take his chances and jumps in Minecraft in this Realistic Minecraft series. Be sure to leave a thumbs up if you would like to see more! The Little Club ============= Little Lizard - Tiny Turtle - Little Kelly - Little Carly - Little Donny - The Minevengers - Sharky Adventures - Donut The Dog - Max The Monkey - Baby Duck - Little Ally - Baby Leah - Baby Max - The Little Club Adventures - Cassie The Cat :

1dashcamboatsandcars 2017-Jan-24 04:54:17

nice vid, any racing type games, whats it like comapired too ultima online? send a sub

Yanelis Martinez
Yanelis Martinez 2017-Jan-24 00:48:13

How can i be in rilistic life

Les Tracker
Les Tracker 2017-Jan-23 23:38:05

Oh wow

ronaldo tucci
ronaldo tucci 2017-Jan-23 22:14:39

que pro

Ann Harley
Ann Harley 2017-Jan-23 20:31:23


Perri Family 1
Perri Family 1 2017-Jan-23 19:13:40

sure did

МАТ ВОЛ 2017-Jan-23 13:33:40

кто подписку взаимно

Games 5th grade
Games 5th grade 2017-Jan-23 02:50:40

I am

Hannah Reddy
Hannah Reddy 2017-Jan-22 19:29:37


Hannah Reddy
Hannah Reddy 2017-Jan-22 19:28:24

Is this real

Johanna Berg
Johanna Berg 2017-Jan-22 18:56:21

this is not real I kinda think it is real 50 50

Kid Gamer
Kid Gamer 2017-Jan-22 12:11:18

Check out this 8 year old on minecraft

hard to dream
hard to dream 2017-Jan-22 10:55:37

pls view my account

DanDan 2410
DanDan 2410 2017-Jan-22 08:51:54

why r u using paper blocks

khath samnang game
khath samnang game 2017-Jan-22 07:45:33

it creative mod

awesome guy
awesome guy 2017-Jan-22 05:59:22

he is breaking the laws of pysisics

Amy Smock
Amy Smock 2017-Jan-22 01:39:46

please play ark

Ambition Plays
Ambition Plays 2017-Jan-22 01:26:28

Looking for anyone who wants to do collaboration. We are based on the xbox and are going to be opening up to other game platforms such as Call of Duty, Ark: Survival Evolved and others! Message me on xbox @DingyPilot32 or send me an email +Ambition Plays. Cheers

Laquori Butts
Laquori Butts 2017-Jan-21 22:56:55

I hate it