Self Driving Mercedes: Behind the Wheel!


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2017-Jan-05 05:49:38
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Mercedes' Autonomous car tech at CES 2017! The Tesla playlist: Video Gear I use: Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee ~

StickyDaSlime 2017-Jan-24 06:39:56

We need to start talking improvements on emergency handling. What's the car gonna do in an accident or pending accident? Slipping from weather and all that. Let's improve safety and pull back on the autopilot aspect of cars like this. Just my thoughts

marsssad 2017-Jan-23 01:19:30

Self Driving Mercedes! What are you doing Behind the Wheel????!

Tom Saunders
Tom Saunders 2017-Jan-22 19:57:52

peeps, factor does anybody see one's better than this cawe? &. .

Backstage 125
Backstage 125 2017-Jan-22 17:23:25

Now thats what u call technology

The Vintage Collector
The Vintage Collector 2017-Jan-22 13:05:30

Mercedes makes the best of the best for me. But that reminder.. damn, it should be every minute or so on normal conditions roads and 20/25 second in heavy traffic or such

Neil Ahuja
Neil Ahuja 2017-Jan-21 23:57:50

Autonomous Driving, so pretty much Cruise?

Kevin CCIE
Kevin CCIE 2017-Jan-21 18:03:01


George Vamanrav
George Vamanrav 2017-Jan-21 11:56:03

pretty koo

քʀǟʋɛɛռ Ꮶʊʍǟʀ Ꮶ
քʀǟʋɛɛռ Ꮶʊʍǟʀ Ꮶ 2017-Jan-21 06:46:35


Mohsen Habibi
Mohsen Habibi 2017-Jan-20 20:06:33

why dont they make contract with someone like google for mapping system? :/

Abdoul Kone
Abdoul Kone 2017-Jan-20 17:57:29

I love technology .... Great Job MKBHD

Gra Zio
Gra Zio 2017-Jan-20 04:01:08

i watched a full review of the E class and they did a full test to the self driving system and its not perfect i personally can't trust it

xyz12334567898 2017-Jan-19 21:15:55

Tesla does use map data. They are harvesting data from every drive (anonymously) of every Tesla with autopilot hardware, that's why they are so far ahead of any of the German companies.

Lauri91 2017-Jan-19 09:34:27

What if, some of the sensor got dirty let's say during the winter, what would happen then? Would the car just blindly drive into wall or sumthing?

LiveMedia123 2017-Jan-19 05:41:56

what is the point of having a car that can drive itself when you still have to interact with it every 10 ~ 30 seconds...

Stefan Totev
Stefan Totev 2017-Jan-18 21:37:35

This must be the ugliest Mercedes I've ever seen.
Who designed it - Austin Powers?

BlackSpoony 2017-Jan-18 21:01:34

why doesnt it use google maps?

SDav21 2017-Jan-18 18:18:24

You mean the Tesla has dual front cameras just like Mercedes...not the other way around. They have had the dual cameras since the previous generation model of this vehicle.

ProXima 2017-Jan-18 04:32:51

Awesome! The future looks bright :)

Entract 2017-Jan-18 01:31:44

Here, previously owned by Nokia, has been sold to Audi (Volkswagen Group) , Mercedes Benz & BMW, so it makes sense they use it here.