Struggles of Having Big Hair


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2017-Jan-09 23:00:02
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un4getable Queen
un4getable Queen 2017-Jan-16 21:33:50

no amount of bobby pins will hold my hair down

dead hope
dead hope 2017-Jan-16 20:56:41

They didn't include the bright side ending as always:(

LifeSoul 2017-Jan-16 20:14:54

I find avocados on my hair every day

Oh, Ruthieo
Oh, Ruthieo 2017-Jan-16 17:50:20

Damn, this is actually hella relatable!

alana !!
alana !! 2017-Jan-16 17:28:18


Canada Trash
Canada Trash 2017-Jan-16 02:59:45

I know this feeling all to well! I hate how annoying it is..

Giselle Singleton
Giselle Singleton 2017-Jan-16 02:24:11


NSEP of Doggerland
NSEP of Doggerland 2017-Jan-15 23:50:03

pls donate $4000 to seav 1 big hair persons thx

jaden the asian
jaden the asian 2017-Jan-15 21:13:08

fr e sh a voca do

DaisyFeverTIME 2017-Jan-15 21:06:07

One time I lost my DS stylus in my hair once. I couldn't find it until it fell out in a bowl of soup.

Alyssa Andrews
Alyssa Andrews 2017-Jan-15 20:57:50

I love wearing hats but I can never do it because my hair is enormous :|

Maya 2017-Jan-15 20:33:26

Do the struggles of thick hair. oh Lord.

grace xD
grace xD 2017-Jan-15 20:30:35

When clicking on this video, I was a little skeptical, but was glad to find that it didn't just showcase one type of big hair. Within the curly community there are many types of hair, coming in many shapes, sizes, and textures. This was a good display of that.

Rin L
Rin L 2017-Jan-15 20:11:07

It's sad how reliable this is... And when they ask you 'when was the last time you washed your hair' or 'do you ever brush it'.. FFS.

liv wentzz (livhurleyxvx)
liv wentzz (livhurleyxvx) 2017-Jan-15 19:24:27

how can i find this music :(

Malika n.n
Malika n.n 2017-Jan-15 17:20:07

hairs, just hairs, everywhere..

Mk Hammer
Mk Hammer 2017-Jan-15 12:17:20

"just straighten your hair"

ImperfectNat 2017-Jan-15 06:17:43

Okay I have to get this out, SARAH HAS AMAZING CHEEK BONES! Sorry I just had to

Andrea Reyes
Andrea Reyes 2017-Jan-15 05:25:47

This video is so true. That's why I always have my hair in a braid

Meme Maker
Meme Maker 2017-Jan-15 03:34:32

Something hard for me is wearing beanies.😂 it makes the top of my hair flat.😂