100 Layers of Hair Extensions


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2016-Aug-25 05:27:36
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Time for a challenge! Here's 100 layers of hair extensions. AKA more hair than anyone should ever wear!! You've seen the polish mountains, the 100 layers of liquid lipsticks, 100 layers of foundation, well welcome to the #hairmountain! This is one hundred layers of hair weft. It weighed close to 5 pounds and was literally the heaviest thing that has ever been on my head. Pretty sure. Hope you enjoy! ---------- ★More Videos You'll Enjoy:★ 1 Week of Bun Hairstyles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4FqmHk-f8U 1 Week of Ponytails: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIjqT-uUzFs 3 Days of Hairstyles from Clean to Dirty: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBP-1OjclnM 1 Week of Heatless hairstyles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxrTMtPu6K4 ---------- ★Follow and Chat with me at:★ **My WEBSITE: www.kayleymelissa.com **Instagram: KayleyMelissa **Pinterest: kayleymelissa **Facebook: @kayleymelissa **Twitter: @kayleymelissa **SnapChat: KayleyMelissa **For business inquiries: kayleymelissa@mattermediagroup.com Mailing Address: Kayley Melissa 530 S Lake Ave #531 Pasadena, CA 91101 ---------- FTC: This video is not sponsored. No really, I just rave about the stuff I love! NuMe links are affiliate links. Products sent for review consideration are marked with an '*'.

Fashionista101 2017-Jan-18 00:37:58

It looks SO COOL

Destiny Woodfolk
Destiny Woodfolk 2017-Jan-17 21:35:32

I really like it

Drawing with lil
Drawing with lil 2017-Jan-17 21:22:18

My name is Lily and my hair is down to my thighs lol😆

Maria 2017-Jan-17 16:27:34

You are so cute. Omg.

Ellie Anderson
Ellie Anderson 2017-Jan-17 11:44:38

Kayley Your So Pretty I Love Your Eyes Your Personality your beautiful White teeth and Your Hair!❤️❤️❤️💖❣️

Brooke Bowman
Brooke Bowman 2017-Jan-17 07:28:13

Ron weasly😂😂

CottonBall 420
CottonBall 420 2017-Jan-17 02:19:08

When it was uneven I felt myself dying

Maleah J565
Maleah J565 2017-Jan-17 00:29:58

Who else got the resident evil ad? If you did are you excited to watch it! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!

Sara 132
Sara 132 2017-Jan-16 21:43:43


Olivia Kenny
Olivia Kenny 2017-Jan-16 19:04:34

I kind of like ure hair with 100 extetions

Lovely Vehikite
Lovely Vehikite 2017-Jan-16 08:32:10

u look pretty like that 😍😍😜😛

Amber Rae Hughes
Amber Rae Hughes 2017-Jan-16 07:27:06

Awesome girl

Aubrey's Spontaneous Brain
Aubrey's Spontaneous Brain 2017-Jan-16 02:39:18

you should do a Disney Rapunzel look with all that hair.

Nichole Chumley
Nichole Chumley 2017-Jan-16 01:01:16

This challenge gave me a headache

Zazou'ke Zer
Zazou'ke Zer 2017-Jan-15 19:47:09


Makayla Rowe
Makayla Rowe 2017-Jan-15 19:36:46

You look pretty with the hair intecoins

Kayla Howell
Kayla Howell 2017-Jan-15 18:00:46


Katie Benoit
Katie Benoit 2017-Jan-15 16:33:42

#yass biatch

Sassy Chick
Sassy Chick 2017-Jan-15 15:14:00

Where do you buy hair extensions like that ?

Imogen Tong
Imogen Tong 2017-Jan-15 10:35:11

literally how thick my hair is