Syd - All About Me


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2017-Jan-11 17:30:01
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| columbia | all about me | r&b/soul | syd |
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"All About Me" from Syd's upcoming debut solo album, Fin, out February 3. Buy and stream "All About Me" now: Pre-order Fin to get "Body" and "All About Me" instantly: Video directed by Calmatic Lyrics: Follow Syd:

Sławomir Jasicki
Sławomir Jasicki 2017-Jan-25 01:10:57


OneRequiem123 2017-Jan-25 00:45:28


Niekey Davis
Niekey Davis 2017-Jan-24 23:54:25

straight love

Abdullah Fazal
Abdullah Fazal 2017-Jan-24 23:42:42

Kobes on my feet? FIRE

Markiesha T
Markiesha T 2017-Jan-24 23:17:37

Please release your solo album on vinyl as well!!!

Selina sigl
Selina sigl 2017-Jan-24 22:06:09


Baja Ukweli
Baja Ukweli 2017-Jan-24 21:52:04

crack upon crack upon crack upon crack + infinity [fin iz zo trillz]

Jeffery Barbee
Jeffery Barbee 2017-Jan-24 19:10:09

I'm confused ,so she's Jewish?

Shaky Shawn
Shaky Shawn 2017-Jan-24 19:07:36


Anas Teerab
Anas Teerab 2017-Jan-24 18:35:15

I pray for all my homies I lyie at least I tray 🎼🎼

thanks God we still got some people who can write good lyrics ♡

DreamvillexKY 2017-Jan-24 09:40:45

why does it seem like everyone is slowly leaving odd future

looneyshadow1 2017-Jan-24 09:40:05

still waiting for partners in crime part 4

Phoenix Power
Phoenix Power 2017-Jan-24 04:24:16

keep it on tha family that you came with... love all of this

ALEXX THELOST 2017-Jan-24 00:26:29

the flow is different asf

Weaboo Slayer
Weaboo Slayer 2017-Jan-23 20:24:54

I normally love Syd but honestly not feeling this trap vibe 100%. Vocals great as usual tho

inb4 buthurtt stans claiming a fan having a different opinion means being a hater

Lesly Syncia JC
Lesly Syncia JC 2017-Jan-23 18:24:24


fuzzy Pickles
fuzzy Pickles 2017-Jan-23 17:10:36

Dis song fire🔥🔥

Serea veeh
Serea veeh 2017-Jan-23 15:57:54


Mathilde Escusetoi
Mathilde Escusetoi 2017-Jan-23 13:34:42

Can't wait to listen to all of their solo projects