Paul Soriano and Toni Gonzaga Wedding


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2015-Jun-30 04:37:11
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Henry Legaspi
Henry Legaspi 2017-Jan-16 05:50:05

I love their story.. God made their stories.❤️

monica mo
monica mo 2017-Jan-15 10:28:58

Favorite wedding video. Pure of love and sincerity. 😭❤️

Cristina Cabaluna
Cristina Cabaluna 2017-Jan-15 05:34:04

nakakaiyak talaga mga bes😭

Troy Porteza
Troy Porteza 2017-Jan-14 11:27:31

true Love waits and Direct Paul Prove it to Us . he wait toni G for almost 7 year's. and now they're happy as husband and wife together with there first Child named "Seve". I am one of the Millions and thousands of supporters of these beautiful "Toni" and handsome "Paul" who wants to witness their Victorious wedding but sad to say I'm not invited hahaha but I am very Happy to both of them as an avid fan of toni G. and sir. paul. Congratulations again! and God bless!

zaina nor malik
zaina nor malik 2017-Jan-14 10:45:14

anong title ng kanta nung nag vow na sila?

Shan Styles
Shan Styles 2017-Jan-13 18:32:06

Makikita mo talaga sa mga reaction at sa mata ni paul kung gaano niya kamahal si toni. One of the best wedding na napanuod ko. kahit paulit ulit di nakakasawa. ❤ ngayon may Chaba na kayo. mahalin niyo isat isa hanggang huli and i know magiging mabuting daddy at mommy kayo kay seve. Godbless you both. 😍

Jill Jack
Jill Jack 2017-Jan-13 16:32:58

don't know how many times watching this vid..😢😢😢😢😢..God's time is the best time

monami lupango
monami lupango 2017-Jan-11 23:20:54

a very heart warming love story and wedding!

Mz.Angelz 4ever
Mz.Angelz 4ever 2017-Jan-10 00:25:28

Wedding tayo wedding hindi brings me here

Mz.Angelz 4ever
Mz.Angelz 4ever 2017-Jan-10 00:24:13

Director pala si Paul kaya pala

Amarah Quintin
Amarah Quintin 2017-Jan-09 14:09:37


Charles Detecio
Charles Detecio 2017-Jan-06 23:33:34

Nakakaiyak tama? Kaya MAGHINTAY KAYO. wag po tayong pdalos dalos ! Let God write our Love Story bevmcause He writes the most and genuine love story of all time.

P.S. ano po title ng first song? Plsssss reply naman sa nakakaalam.

CC Sprouse
CC Sprouse 2017-Jan-06 14:59:03

A man like Paul please! OMG! Grabe yung wedding nakakaiyak 😭😭😭

Im Legend
Im Legend 2017-Jan-06 01:17:34

is that bong bong marcus? cry?. i love he do that

Tricia Gomez
Tricia Gomez 2017-Jan-04 16:26:27

OMG!!True Love Waits exist 😍😍

Emy Grace Joveres
Emy Grace Joveres 2017-Jan-02 14:35:32

can't help but cry..

yvi reinema
yvi reinema 2017-Jan-02 10:30:07

very very blessing and blessed sila ..

Lianjade Necesito
Lianjade Necesito 2017-Jan-02 05:40:25

invited pla papa bongbong marcos q

jesamie boulter
jesamie boulter 2016-Dec-30 23:46:57

i love you couples!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats IDOL TONY GONZAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GOD BLESS ALWAYS

Khristine Cabaron
Khristine Cabaron 2016-Dec-29 07:57:24

i watched this again and again favorite ever 😢it made me emotional everytime i watch this video