NEW BMW 440I Tanzanite Blue / Exhaust Sound / 19" M Wheels / BMW Review


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2017-Jan-07 04:43:36
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What a combo! Individual Tanzanite Blue Metallic with Individual Opal White Extended Merino Leather. Exclusive individualized look from BMW. Only the finest materials are used. New 440i Coupe with increased horsepower to 320 & Torque to 330 foot pounds. 0 to 60 MPH in 4.8 seconds! 19 inch M light alloy wheels style 442M. Please share on your other media sources. Follow Allison on Instagram at alli_bmwdriven. Subscibe. Thumbs up! BMW Review. Car Review.

Torque of the Devil
Torque of the Devil 2017-Jan-18 03:40:15

I bet Alison's had more cock than KFC

repudiatethecrowd 2017-Jan-17 18:19:48

Is 2017 model anyhow facelifted ?
What is a risk of stains from jeans with merino leather?

Eton Thompson
Eton Thompson 2017-Jan-16 22:43:18

Considering the possibility of a BMW. Shout out from Jamaica.

Aym En
Aym En 2017-Jan-14 18:56:23

as you can see

Denval Smith - Troy_Starz
Denval Smith - Troy_Starz 2017-Jan-14 06:30:04

omg her voice and omg my god I love ❤ her… 😂😂😂 she's the reason I'll never miss one of your reviews 😍

Jonah Frederick Immanuel
Jonah Frederick Immanuel 2017-Jan-13 15:03:10

Awesome reviews! When will the new 2017 bmw 5 series review come out.... Really lookin forward for the new 5 series.

mustafa osama
mustafa osama 2017-Jan-13 11:06:03

what is the difference between 420 i gran coupe , 320i and 3 series gt !?

ChriSioux Filou
ChriSioux Filou 2017-Jan-12 23:33:16

Dear Scott, you truly have one of the best jobs in the world. Awesome cars and beautiful co-workers!!
Congrats, Sir!

Chris Carrasco
Chris Carrasco 2017-Jan-11 22:55:13

Audi guy here but Scott Smith has the BEST car videos by far and it has nothing to do with the cars lol.

Tyrone Peoples
Tyrone Peoples 2017-Jan-11 22:29:57

not the biggest bmw fan but this is a pretty nice.. that blue is amazing an Allison definitely knows how to walk!!! PS Scott another informative video...

JayTac1 2017-Jan-11 02:27:31

Hi Allison

Marcos Acosta
Marcos Acosta 2017-Jan-11 00:48:47

SiRCC Z yeah you're right I'm only 14 you fat bitch

MafiosoItaliano458 2017-Jan-10 18:39:39

Beautiful color combo! And with the right engine, too!
5'8'' without the heels??? I thought she's max 5' with the heels!!! No offense, of course!

pmerk36 2017-Jan-10 17:47:30

$4,000 bucks extra for the interior? LOL

Tony Tone
Tony Tone 2017-Jan-10 17:31:16

I had to check out that trunk again cause that was a great shot of the trunk. oh shit and lets check out that back seat again. NICE

AVK GS1905
AVK GS1905 2017-Jan-10 12:02:12

wow alison is amazing :)

mujjuman 2017-Jan-10 03:05:29

wow this 340 sounds great

Ivan Donev
Ivan Donev 2017-Jan-09 14:43:47

That's a nice blue...allison ;)

najib essaadi
najib essaadi 2017-Jan-09 12:56:46

bye bye trish haha

Edgardo Amado
Edgardo Amado 2017-Jan-09 12:08:08

It's a men's world 😂😂