Sherlock: How To Film Thought


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2017-Jan-11 15:00:02
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Rigel Rae
Rigel Rae 2017-Jan-25 01:05:36

Congratulations on 1m subscribers! You have some of the smartest and thought-provoking videos on the web!

Kurt Denter
Kurt Denter 2017-Jan-24 22:35:07

The japanese movie "Sasori" from the 70ties has also great transitions

Cate 2017-Jan-24 20:32:08

That episode is my fave now and one of the (many) motivations was the cinematography and the overall editing! Breathtaking.

johnatr 2017-Jan-24 19:08:11

let's talk about the first scene of spectre..... make a video

Aran P
Aran P 2017-Jan-24 18:27:57

This is a phenomenal video, thanks for the great content. Keep it up!

Mike Bolitho
Mike Bolitho 2017-Jan-24 17:37:48

I'm pretty sure I need to start watching Sherlock.

Shireen Dhar
Shireen Dhar 2017-Jan-24 17:35:12

I wish someday I could have a 20 mins conversation with you. You are so brilliant !

Josie B
Josie B 2017-Jan-24 15:16:42

Would you make this type of video with other scenes too in the future? :)

Jan winkelmann
Jan winkelmann 2017-Jan-24 13:10:52

Most brilliant and imporessive series ever! Writing, storytelling, acting - hell, even the actors are first class!!

pindaenbeer 2017-Jan-24 12:52:54

it would be interesting if you did an essay on portrayal of intoxication in film.. like how they convey the feeling of being high/drunk/stoned or even poisoned to the viewer

BestofVanWylder 2017-Jan-24 09:36:24

mr. robot?

Lokesh kumar
Lokesh kumar 2017-Jan-24 05:06:18

if the makers of sherlock make a batman movie or a JB or a bourne ....

efesos97 2017-Jan-23 20:10:20

Well this is the only well executed idea in the whole show, imo

Charles Tabing
Charles Tabing 2017-Jan-23 18:11:57

Either Eurus' actress is so good or I'm just in love with her, I can't tell.

Spindle Fandango
Spindle Fandango 2017-Jan-23 16:57:20

Good stuff, but if you're going to release your videos so soon after airing it would be good form to be really clear about spoilers. I was still trying to remember what episode the footage was from when I realised you were telling the crux of the episode

My own fault I know - but it'd be good form

snehit k (el Dúderínò)
snehit k (el Dúderínò) 2017-Jan-23 15:09:03

i really think they overdid it.
and Sherlock never overdoes it...even when they go well beyond the level of their own. created outrageousnes.
but the final episode was a stretch.

Nick debenedetto
Nick debenedetto 2017-Jan-23 12:45:29

seems more like a shill than an analysis.

Badhon Ebrahim
Badhon Ebrahim 2017-Jan-23 06:26:44

is that casey fucking nicetits?

Wheel Man
Wheel Man 2017-Jan-23 05:23:21

No shit Sherlock

jaimeekate1 2017-Jan-23 04:30:50

Sherlock truly has some of the best, most beautiful, and incredibly genius editing of ANY TV SHOW EVER. Even beating most movies. It's stunning and invigorating to watch