Kaye Abad and Paul Jake Castillo Wedding


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2016-Dec-09 09:44:55
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Paul Jake and Kaye Abad Wedding MUSIC: Wedding Song (Davey Langit Original)

Felicitas Flores
Felicitas Flores 2017-Jan-15 20:11:48

I like Kaye way back from Tabing Ilog.....very talented..beautiful..anyways, what is the name of the church? and where it is?

Mhary Almeida Imbuedo
Mhary Almeida Imbuedo 2017-Jan-13 05:32:33

nice@ elegant wedding congrats

mary jane costo
mary jane costo 2017-Jan-12 05:41:09

congratulations to both of you.God bless you

Cristina Budlong
Cristina Budlong 2017-Jan-07 15:51:43

nkakaiyak...ang gnda :)

jamela blanco
jamela blanco 2017-Jan-05 17:34:41

ano po title ng song please.. ??? 😢

Martine Williams
Martine Williams 2017-Jan-05 11:21:26

Beautiful Simply charming! God bless you..

alfredo jr dela cruz
alfredo jr dela cruz 2016-Dec-30 18:11:30

thank u for sharing this video..

Jenny Apuntar
Jenny Apuntar 2016-Dec-20 23:13:03

Beautiful couple! Congrats mr. and mrs. Castillo.. May God bless your marriage..Stay Inlove!❤❤❤

Ganda ng song..

Ena celestie Lucenesio
Ena celestie Lucenesio 2016-Dec-19 11:47:47

best wishes idol miss Kaye Abad..and Paul Jake.. Godbless po

TheBROadwaYBee 2016-Dec-18 06:38:52

Congratulations and best wishes Mr. and Mrs. Castillo!! 🎉🎉

Cristine Joy Lota
Cristine Joy Lota 2016-Dec-17 19:48:21

anong pong title nung kanta??

Angela Alicos
Angela Alicos 2016-Dec-17 06:53:53


Anoka Hilo
Anoka Hilo 2016-Dec-16 23:45:07

congrats to both of you...best wishes

LiveLoveLaugh102310 2016-Dec-16 20:56:24

Just goes to show that the wait is worth it

Amabel Ruba
Amabel Ruba 2016-Dec-16 17:32:11

Anong title na background tagalog song....love it!!! Congrats to Mr.&Mrs. Paul Jake Castillo...Best Wishes!!!

maskipaps10 2016-Dec-16 10:23:21

Ang ganda ng gown! Perfect! Sino kaya ang gumawa?

Maria-Joan Cuarenta
Maria-Joan Cuarenta 2016-Dec-15 19:17:02

Yellow by Cold Play

Summer Sky Comeinthedoor
Summer Sky Comeinthedoor 2016-Dec-15 11:52:19

sana may forever. sila

Summer Sky Comeinthedoor
Summer Sky Comeinthedoor 2016-Dec-15 11:51:19

di ko alam na sila na talaga.. ito lang talaga! wow

Summer Sky Comeinthedoor
Summer Sky Comeinthedoor 2016-Dec-15 11:50:38

maganda talaga ang mama ni Kaye. mas maganda at bata pa sa kanya!