Best Wedding Surprise Ever!


Our wedding day, July 9th 2016, was perfect! Check out the video of our day PLUS an awesome surprise Jud got for Arie! Be sure to look out for the vlog to see behind the scenes AND the honeymoon to Bora Bora! HUGE shout out to Blue Moon Video Productions for the incredible footage and production of our wedding video. Check them out here - and see more pics of our day! IG: Facebook: Website: For business inquires email: Social Networks - Twitter: Facebook: Google+: Instagram:

Ms. Dawn
Ms. Dawn 2017-Jan-18 01:39:55

A car.

Sindiswa Ntsoko
Sindiswa Ntsoko 2017-Jan-17 10:48:38


Chantel Love
Chantel Love 2017-Jan-15 12:51:42

so cute

KeishaDean AvaSarah Vlogs
KeishaDean AvaSarah Vlogs 2017-Jan-15 11:21:02


siksa adek
siksa adek 2017-Jan-14 00:22:07

she have beautiful smile

Flashmobmcpe Player
Flashmobmcpe Player 2017-Jan-13 22:39:21

Bruh Ariela used to be a math teacher in my school and I see so many of the other teachers at I saw 4 so far

Jirka Hübner
Jirka Hübner 2017-Jan-13 18:54:54

...and children in Africa starving...

Siam Ekanto
Siam Ekanto 2017-Jan-12 17:28:42

This guy looks more like Carl Johnson.

Moon Man3737
Moon Man3737 2017-Jan-10 03:43:24

really happy for you guys

Michalee Williams
Michalee Williams 2017-Jan-08 02:27:44

awesome. love the reception area. flawless

Ron Yarde
Ron Yarde 2017-Jan-07 22:16:30

congrats guys

Tasha Ramrattan
Tasha Ramrattan 2017-Jan-07 22:06:54

lovely wedding..👍👍👍👍

D boss
D boss 2017-Jan-06 11:56:04

what song is this

Tiffany Lawson
Tiffany Lawson 2017-Jan-02 13:09:51

Beautiful. You seem so happy together. Congrats! #couplegoals.

ChiTownLioness Peace Love Unity
ChiTownLioness Peace Love Unity 2016-Dec-31 19:09:32

Amazing Love

Happiness Mtani
Happiness Mtani 2016-Dec-30 03:19:14

Sure!!!! 😮😮😮😮

Amaoge Bozimo
Amaoge Bozimo 2016-Dec-29 19:09:47

I will steal this idea

King Kaneki
King Kaneki 2016-Dec-24 23:38:16

I wish u both the best in your journey. may happiness love and trust bind u both forever.

Qui Salmon
Qui Salmon 2016-Dec-24 04:39:11

geesh! she is beautiful!

Britonia Elliott
Britonia Elliott 2016-Dec-24 04:06:13

Such a cute couple, hope the best for their marriage...just wish that there was more men in the world as sweet and kind as the groom