Drake - Headlines (Explicit)


Music video by Drake performing Headlines. (C) 2011 Cash Money Records Inc.

clutchnationvideos 2017-Jan-16 20:29:07

The outro yo... 40 a legend

Insane Killa14
Insane Killa14 2017-Jan-16 18:13:35

who is watching in 2017

ACGotClout 2017-Jan-16 13:06:01

Drake make music for niggas who talk during sex.

No Reason
No Reason 2017-Jan-16 09:00:36

My son, mama love you

TooDiatomic 2017-Jan-16 08:16:35

When Drake actually rapped.

Black and Blue Unicorn
Black and Blue Unicorn 2017-Jan-16 08:00:27

"Tuck my napkin in my shirt cuz I'm just mobbing like that" who else came of Grayson's video

Erick Zamora
Erick Zamora 2017-Jan-16 06:19:36

still watching in 2017

Tashvin Singh
Tashvin Singh 2017-Jan-16 04:31:56

i want this Drake back!!

R!oT Ops
R!oT Ops 2017-Jan-15 23:23:53

Is this copyrighted

Dominique Lydia
Dominique Lydia 2017-Jan-15 22:00:13

& your music is everything

Dominique Lydia
Dominique Lydia 2017-Jan-15 21:59:44

You use too be my ex , I use too love you I still do till this day DRAKE 👅💓

jasonsevilla1 2017-Jan-15 18:29:32

That has gotta be one of the best song endings ever. Noah '40' Shebib was true genius.

D'Artizt Thinks Further
D'Artizt Thinks Further 2017-Jan-15 12:50:37

take care is a classic

Mr. MerlinCr
Mr. MerlinCr 2017-Jan-15 11:33:00

For yall haters, suck my ass

Mike Rangel
Mike Rangel 2017-Jan-15 08:48:58

This music video has too many transitions, almost blinding

Mfanafuthi Gumede Mpilonde
Mfanafuthi Gumede Mpilonde 2017-Jan-15 06:03:37

Thanks God you gave us owesome songz

Fátima Rincon
Fátima Rincon 2017-Jan-15 06:01:20

i love this song😍😍

Colin Kapust
Colin Kapust 2017-Jan-15 02:05:14

This song is still good

daddy walker
daddy walker 2017-Jan-14 22:32:39

Drake still makes bomb music

Abdalla mohamoud
Abdalla mohamoud 2017-Jan-14 21:09:28

Who's here in 2017 .???