FKA twigs x Nike – do you believe in more? (Full Edition)


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2017-Jan-11 13:31:40
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Nike partners with FKA twigs as Creative Director for the new Zonal Strength Tights campaign. Director: FKA twigs Cast: English Gardner, Miles Chamley-Watson, Chester Martinez, Saskia Horton, Paleta CalmQuality, Jay Kirton, Rithiely Pereira, Lilly Leithner, LaTonya Swann, Kaili Bright, Madelyne Spang & Mishay Patronelli Choreography: Tovaris Wilson & Bethany Strong Styling: Matthew Josephs Hair: Soichi Inagaki Makeup: Kabuki

Kaellya 2017-Jan-24 18:03:11

Love FKA Twigs. Love Nike. The combination is just an absolute dream.

evancharlesking 2017-Jan-24 07:12:01

that dance would make shiva still

DOG DAYS ARE OVER [TheSchwaWasntHere]
DOG DAYS ARE OVER [TheSchwaWasntHere] 2017-Jan-24 04:19:59


batman rus54
batman rus54 2017-Jan-24 03:13:12

level generation - who are more fucked.
I do not know what to think to be highlighted

Salim N
Salim N 2017-Jan-23 20:36:41

fuck nike

michelle ables
michelle ables 2017-Jan-23 12:41:29

name a better nike commercial

Barbara Wasilak
Barbara Wasilak 2017-Jan-23 11:51:01


Ghazal Sam
Ghazal Sam 2017-Jan-23 02:13:29

I hate that we keep getting fed the message to be ourselves, to be different, do dare to stand out, but the second someone does, we hate and judge. why is that? we need difference in a world where everyone is copying each other. You might not appreciate her forme of expressing herself or her art, doesn't mean you should hate, at least appreciate her for being different, her daring to do things that are out of the norm. That is how anything grate has came to be. Trial and error, but with trying NEW and DIFFERENT things. We need more artists like her with their own unique style, weather we are going to like them or not.

Dakota White
Dakota White 2017-Jan-22 21:25:51

whats the song in this video

Jess.Brown. .disses
Jess.Brown. .disses 2017-Jan-22 16:51:01

Well I'm officially scared of my own gender

Jessica Vaux
Jessica Vaux 2017-Jan-22 14:08:07

I think this video can be summoned up one word... Pretentious.

최승욱 2017-Jan-22 13:49:31

대체 이게 무슨광고야

Hugh Wilson
Hugh Wilson 2017-Jan-22 07:53:03

will they put this on TV adverts? I hope so

Catistrophic 2017-Jan-22 03:03:28

I gl j j j y

Dray - Darnell
Dray - Darnell 2017-Jan-21 22:32:12

I could listen to her talk literally all damn day.💎💎

ItsRonaye 2017-Jan-21 19:46:25

This Is Amazing, So Eccentric. FKA Twigs, needs a breakthrough

lindsey dpt
lindsey dpt 2017-Jan-21 19:21:25

my woman.

Jaylen Williams
Jaylen Williams 2017-Jan-21 17:22:46

New album?

The_App_Girl 2017-Jan-21 15:59:57

I think this is really good and the dancing is amazing I don't understand why people are saying it really bad and weird, you just haven't seen anything like this before. Get off your high horse.

Feel Real
Feel Real 2017-Jan-21 15:05:11

This shit the devil