#LokkedIn | The Full Wedding of Karl & Cassandra Lokko


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2016-Aug-15 20:41:52
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THANKYOU TO ALL WHO CONTINUE TO WATCH WE LOVE YOU! HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM THE LOKKOs CHECK OUT OUR HONEY MOON VLOG https://youtu.be/Foc3yswFOB4 Our wedding Q&A all your questions answered 💋 https://youtu.be/7aDxh7TkdOA Stay LokkedIn & follow our social media Don't forget to LIKE, COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE we will have videos for you weekly ❤️ Karl on: Instagram - @Karl_Lokko - https://www.instagram.com/karl_lokko/ Twitter - @KarlLokko https://twitter.com/KarlLokko Facebook - Karl Lokko https://www.facebook.com/KarlLokko/home Snapchat - KarlLokko Cassandra on: Instagram - @Cassiex1x - https://www.instagram.com/cassiex1x/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/CassieBlonde Snapchat - Casswaby The moment is finally here. We wanted to share our love with family and friends and it took off in another direction. The world acknowledged our love and joy that our loved ones shared on this special day, so after much waiting we gladly bring to you the full feature film wedding video which we hope you enjoy as much as we did on the day. Video produced by @MarvBrownFilms. For all filming enquires email him at mrmarvbrown@gmail.com. ____

Maima Koffa
Maima Koffa 2017-Jan-23 06:05:29

I watch this wedding almost everyday.. Love u guys

Cynthia Avery
Cynthia Avery 2017-Jan-23 02:18:29

what's the song at I like it

Naomi Hope
Naomi Hope 2017-Jan-22 23:00:19

Glad I came in contact with this video!!!!

burntyellow 2017-Jan-22 22:32:36

this wedding was lit! Wish I was there

Rebecca Bruneel
Rebecca Bruneel 2017-Jan-22 12:13:14

Do we know what any of the music is ? 🙌🏼🙌🏼

Solène B
Solène B 2017-Jan-22 10:46:33

Ooooh so the weeding is in UK ??

Hip Hop Talkx
Hip Hop Talkx 2017-Jan-22 09:50:10

Man Listen...I am requesting for that Whole Room to be present and on deck at my Wedding and I aint even got nobody to marry. Sheer Splender and Beauty! Congrats and Cheers to a forever, happy, beautiful life together! - Hunnee

Haja Kargbo
Haja Kargbo 2017-Jan-22 05:49:13

The most beautiful wedding I have ever seen. I literally felt like I was enjoying every moment with you all. Truly so much fun in 59min ❤️

XoxoVictoria 2017-Jan-22 05:32:48

I love how everyone got their own personalities, the couple gonna enjoy this video later in the future. love the vibe, power couple #blacklove

kyabadudu 2017-Jan-22 00:49:47

Most shook 59 minutes of my life!😩 Man was shedding happy tears... BEAUTIFUL UNION!! God bless your union Karl and Kassandra!! 😍😍😍

Toy Brown
Toy Brown 2017-Jan-21 23:34:01

Yo!!!! This was the best thing I've watched on YouTube in a looooooooong time! This what love looks like for real.

Rose Auguste
Rose Auguste 2017-Jan-21 22:14:40

Literally the best wedding I've watched 😍

boo9496 2017-Jan-21 20:52:01

Thank you for sharing your big day with me! LOVED every minute of it 💕 cried as if I was there! 😂 #LokkoEffect

typz123 zanaih
typz123 zanaih 2017-Jan-21 20:12:49

I cried God bless you guys :) :)

Oyinkan Williams
Oyinkan Williams 2017-Jan-21 14:54:05

Such a lovely wedding, i cried watching this, you can see so much of God's love in them and in the love they have for each other! Loved the blend of their culture, May God bless your marriage, your home and your family.

Sezz Roo
Sezz Roo 2017-Jan-21 13:37:12

can someone please tell me all the songs that was played pleasee

Lasaundra Braughton
Lasaundra Braughton 2017-Jan-21 12:22:17

Absolute best wedding I have ever watched!!!! So much love and fun!!!! Beautiful unity and the music in this video is OUTSTANDING!!!!

Patrice Maultsby
Patrice Maultsby 2017-Jan-21 05:49:46

Such beautiful people. Everyone in there had such great spirits at the time, I could feel it ❤️ the best wedding I've seen yet

Tracey Joseph
Tracey Joseph 2017-Jan-21 04:58:03

very beautiful wedding congrats

Felecia H
Felecia H 2017-Jan-21 04:35:46

Beautiful many blessings from God to continue to enhance your marriage.