Wedding Film of Dingdong and Marian “The Journey”


Directed by Carmela In our lives, what matters most is not how successful we are at all the things we do but rather the sincerity by which we accomplish them. The sincerity behind the decisions that we make provides the weight by which all of our memories are treasured. Exactly a year ago, today, two decisions were made, with the Almighty standing witness, that have forever altered the course of those involved. Dingdong and Marian has had their share of accomplishments but their shared decision, made one year ago, may very well be their most significant yet. A dream that started small and forward-looking; culminating in vows made with utmost sincerity and now blessed with a fruit of love and selflessness; together looking towards the future expectant and thankful. We at Mayad are thankful for the trust given to us and we hope that through this simple work, we have added more weight to this already treasured experience. 2015 has been a wonderful year but before it ends, we present to you a love story we’ve been blessed to witness. God, indeed, writes the best love stories. Check out " In This New Lifetime" (SDE) created for them one year ago - All soundtracks are licensed through

Cris Sergote
Cris Sergote 2017-Jan-16 20:18:11

Tagal na Ito, Pero now Lang ako nagkaroon ng chance mapanood, I admit it, How many times Tumaas balahibo ko Kasi I truly feel the love and happiness of this two couple... I am so much happy for them...

mo lay
mo lay 2017-Jan-14 06:13:49


Vizeral 2017-Jan-13 08:13:00

Beautifully done. If I didn't know any better I would've said it was scripted. Great control over the lighting and super cinematography.

andre palumar
andre palumar 2017-Jan-10 01:53:28

nice widing

April Torres
April Torres 2017-Jan-07 13:30:25

naiiyak ako grabe... sa sobrang Ganda ng wedding na to...

Jhonavell Deguia
Jhonavell Deguia 2017-Jan-06 12:35:17

ang Ganda 😂

Ji Eun Lee
Ji Eun Lee 2017-Jan-04 07:00:36

Nadine and James are the NEXT DONGYAN

Alleriah Allessandra Morales
Alleriah Allessandra Morales 2017-Jan-03 05:49:08

one of my dream wedding...pero sguro khit ano nlang basta ang importante ay yung papaksalan ko eh yung taong mahal na mahal ko at mahal na mahal ako..

Clarisse Ladip
Clarisse Ladip 2017-Jan-03 03:25:36

The Decade Wedding! To the both of you congratulations even its been a year and you have Baby Z in your life. You're my Idol Ate Yan ever since, IDK care to all rumors that exist I'm always here to your side and stay strong. Even if we didn't see each other I'm still your fan and I 'll support you no matter what they say to you (Ate Yan) I will fight for you to all your bashers and I'm really thankful to Kuya Dong b'cause he's always there to your side. Someday we'll see each other I love Ate Yan. God Bless to your Family! Merry Christmas and Happpy New Year! <3 <3 <3

Salma Aden
Salma Aden 2017-Jan-02 07:51:01

congrats to my favorite actors I am so happy for u I really wanted this day to happen 😍

Aiza Merhan
Aiza Merhan 2017-Jan-01 10:43:47

dongyan forever

Quynh Nguyen
Quynh Nguyen 2016-Dec-27 12:34:33

OMG I love this couple They've inspired me on love and I believe they have inspired many others too. They are the perfect example for what is called "Love". And those who don't believe in love, just watch them

yamaha1450 2016-Dec-23 18:45:14

tangina mo

Quynh Nguyen
Quynh Nguyen 2016-Dec-21 08:51:41

Can anybody tell me the soundtrack title?

Uncle Dee
Uncle Dee 2016-Dec-19 13:24:19

si dingdong gutom marian pakainin mo na

Ezna lady
Ezna lady 2016-Dec-18 16:13:18

ITS all about fighting for what you LOVE...because love conqures oll i love its soo amaizing frm the start to the end wonderful...go on guys

Rk Alcala
Rk Alcala 2016-Dec-17 15:42:07

i like that,,,,

Gloria Sualog
Gloria Sualog 2016-Dec-17 15:32:39

touching namn ang mssg Nila for each other especially dong promise to marian

Jessille Penaflorida
Jessille Penaflorida 2016-Dec-17 10:58:54

wow ang ganda tlga ng wedding n marian

gretchen Ylanan
gretchen Ylanan 2016-Dec-17 05:31:50

nice wedding ever maski d aq fans nila😇