BMW Films: The Escape


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2016-Oct-23 22:04:05
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The Escape, featuring the All-New 2017 BMW 5 Series. To learn more about this film, visit

Ricky Yan
Ricky Yan 2017-Jan-18 03:30:14

Reminds me of the old ones, but not good enough to make the level

Diana Wardoyo (Dian)
Diana Wardoyo (Dian) 2017-Jan-16 19:13:41

Came here because I love Dakota Fanning <3 <3 <3 Miss her so much to be in the film again

divan osoba
divan osoba 2017-Jan-13 20:31:43

Normally , I hate over the top , and unrealistic action , but my god this was TrulySpectacular!

Rhino Navin
Rhino Navin 2017-Jan-11 20:02:14


王建康 2017-Jan-11 02:46:59


ManateeAdvocate 2017-Jan-10 14:06:33

Pure excellence. Worth the wait. That track that plays during the credits is absolutely amazing. A shame it's not available for purchase.

Roshan Thomas
Roshan Thomas 2017-Jan-10 04:42:59

And now I wonder why The Transporter never used a BMW.

Cesar Cano
Cesar Cano 2017-Jan-10 04:21:26

Amazing !!!!
thank you BMW for my 2008 BMW 528xi , 1995 bmw e34 m5 and my 2008 alpina b5s turbo !!!!
i love you BMW !!!!

voicebox64 2017-Jan-09 20:14:19

The Driver and John Wick should team up.

عقيل العراقي
عقيل العراقي 2017-Jan-07 14:49:11

غير فد شي

Paul Franklin
Paul Franklin 2017-Jan-06 15:13:56

That guy can hit a lorry tyre from a moving helicopter, yet when it really matters (like 1 metre away from a sitting duck) he can't do the job.

عقيل العراقي
عقيل العراقي 2017-Jan-05 05:56:34

اتخبل البي ام دبليو

elibutton 2017-Jan-04 01:13:29

ehhhh, not as good but..okay.

taru sharma
taru sharma 2017-Jan-02 18:59:19

you cant even think of buying this if you have nissan gtr in your garage

dixie dragon
dixie dragon 2017-Jan-02 14:06:20

Soooo ... are they advertising that the BMW 5 series is self-healing from gunshots? I noticed that the damage was all repaired when Clive dropped Lilly off at the ship.

Rade Ue Masq
Rade Ue Masq 2016-Dec-31 04:58:21

I just love watching private security putting down FBI hah!!!

Murad Tagiyev
Murad Tagiyev 2016-Dec-30 22:52:00

BMW very strong