Little Mix - Hair (Official Video) ft. Sean Paul


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Cupcake Gaming
Cupcake Gaming 2017-Jan-24 06:50:52

My favorite Girl Group 😍😍😍 Little Mix 😍😍😍 this Song is Wonderful 😍😍😍 i rate 100 😍😍😍 cause i Love this Song 😍😍😍.

Ileen Destiny Hernandez
Ileen Destiny Hernandez 2017-Jan-24 06:15:09

jade at 😂😍shes so cute

2ndKidd 2017-Jan-24 05:39:19

Speaking of hair. Jade's hair looks amazing here. I want it

Imogen Crocker
Imogen Crocker 2017-Jan-24 05:06:45

love ur music keep it up

Maria Karina Magpantay
Maria Karina Magpantay 2017-Jan-24 04:45:38

I love this song by little mix

Nancy Mamangon
Nancy Mamangon 2017-Jan-24 04:32:06

iLove jesy

lps squid
lps squid 2017-Jan-24 04:08:18


Lishkaj Rc Lishkaj Rc
Lishkaj Rc Lishkaj Rc 2017-Jan-24 04:03:22

Is amazing

Lishkaj Rc Lishkaj Rc
Lishkaj Rc Lishkaj Rc 2017-Jan-24 04:03:12


Haizlove Love
Haizlove Love 2017-Jan-24 03:59:39

I dance every time I hear this song!💜💜

Lexi doglover120
Lexi doglover120 2017-Jan-24 02:50:20

One of my pet peeves is

When someone doesn't have a phone case lol

Gabrielle Hodges
Gabrielle Hodges 2017-Jan-24 02:48:19

I wanted to jump into this video and dance with them OMG!!! AMAZING!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

Felix Agawin
Felix Agawin 2017-Jan-24 02:47:33

songs here are called linking bars we it connects us to days trends of life be watchful and listen clearly....

betty yellowhair
betty yellowhair 2017-Jan-24 02:42:37

whoever doesn't like little mix leave no comment or thumbs down at all

Diana López
Diana López 2017-Jan-24 02:37:19

I love this song❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️

Jose Maria Alfaro Castillo
Jose Maria Alfaro Castillo 2017-Jan-24 02:04:07


clarinha Pereira
clarinha Pereira 2017-Jan-24 01:58:59


gabriela Lozada
gabriela Lozada 2017-Jan-24 01:29:17

y love you

Mikiyah Gillman
Mikiyah Gillman 2017-Jan-24 01:07:52

I turned touch right when they started canoodling

Cote tobar
Cote tobar 2017-Jan-24 00:42:35