Review: 500+HP 2017 BMW M3


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2016-Dec-21 17:00:03
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I review this 2017 BMW M3 with DCT and the following performance mods: JB4 tune, Burger Motorsports intakes, catless downpipes and KW sleeves. What do you think about it? Huge thanks to Joe (@__joeparker__) for letting me review his car! You can follow me on Twitter @Subaruwrxfan, on Instagram @subaruwrxfanofficial, and on Snapchat as 'thesubaruwrxfan'. "Like" the Facebook page for more updates! Business inquires can be directed to subaruwrxfanproductions (at) gmail (dot) com Song is 'Superhero (feat. Chris Linton)' by Unknown Brain and is provided by NoCopyrightSounds. It can be heard in its entirety here: Unknown Brain • • Chris Linton • •

onewheeldrive Lin (1WD)
onewheeldrive Lin (1WD) 2017-Jan-17 18:55:00

Can you turn the car sound off? I just wanna hear your high pitch fake voice during the driving part. Thanks.

Kreshnik Veliaj
Kreshnik Veliaj 2017-Jan-16 04:11:39

I would not let this weirdo anywhere near my car let alone drive it

Kreshnik Veliaj
Kreshnik Veliaj 2017-Jan-16 04:10:16

What a wierdo

Salt 2017-Jan-15 10:06:34

2017 m3 is bigger than a 2000 7 series...

Niclas Storsveen
Niclas Storsveen 2017-Jan-14 14:13:04

Congratulations for making an awesome car boring because you never stop talking... jiiises man.

Cyph18 2017-Jan-11 17:55:39


James Hollimon
James Hollimon 2017-Jan-11 09:32:36

You say subaruwrxfan really fast at the beginning of the video lol

Juan Pablo Gonzalez
Juan Pablo Gonzalez 2017-Jan-10 22:49:34

acceptance notice garbage display border.

Fabi R
Fabi R 2017-Jan-10 07:42:46


Gary Downes
Gary Downes 2017-Jan-09 07:01:21

ha, I was cracking up how much you were enjoying driving this awesome BMW. I have a 335i and a 4.8ltr X5 and they both make me smile driving them. Could only imagine how much fun this car would be.

Ed Vincent Calaguas
Ed Vincent Calaguas 2017-Jan-08 04:55:25

Hi! Could you please tell me the difference between an M3 and an M4 excluding the number of doors available? Which is more fun to drive in your opinion? I would appreciate your feedback. Thank you

Nikolas Schefold
Nikolas Schefold 2017-Jan-07 16:10:44

Wow! what a car! The ultimate driving experience!

futureisbright33 2017-Jan-07 10:57:32

front BMW, back Toyota

Axel Desir
Axel Desir 2017-Jan-06 19:22:46

Is when Subaruwrxfan jizz'd !!😂😂😂😭😭💯

Axel Quintero
Axel Quintero 2017-Jan-02 21:04:58

i thought m3s were all 2 doors only....? Dont know much about M series ...

Bruce Bell
Bruce Bell 2017-Jan-02 20:30:26

I hope the next car I buy makes me half as giddy as you are at +subaruwrxfan haha. Keep to great work up!

Sly Carl (Lord Inquisitor Sly Carl)
Sly Carl (Lord Inquisitor Sly Carl) 2017-Jan-01 07:23:25

Does tge 2017 got competitive package? Im eyeing to buy one

Mike jones
Mike jones 2016-Dec-31 08:56:02

I rather buy a v8 American car for that price range

Blade Runner
Blade Runner 2016-Dec-31 02:47:23

The new M4 hype quickly died out! I think being sold and M4 with a 335i engine for so much money when you can just jb4 your 335i was what killed it. Not to mention that god awful ricer sounding exhaust is just shit! You fucked up really bad BMW!!

Jordan Thomson
Jordan Thomson 2016-Dec-28 07:12:21

I think you like the car by your smile, haha how's the economy?