Here's Why The Mercedes G63 AMG Is Worth $154,000


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2016-Dec-16 23:00:02
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Reg Miller
Reg Miller 2017-Jan-24 02:41:52

This is a stupid question, but seriously: which Canada Goose jacket are you wearing?

T A 2017-Jan-23 22:46:07

better yet take your money and burn it.

Erik Rynsburger
Erik Rynsburger 2017-Jan-23 16:35:35

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Finley Jenkins
Finley Jenkins 2017-Jan-23 16:08:47

Funny glove drug bowl senior Republican chamber lover similar random.

Gary St Clare
Gary St Clare 2017-Jan-23 07:41:44

Looking good But not unique design.

eli li
eli li 2017-Jan-23 07:22:41

I rather get the jeep srt for half the price. Just MY opinion

Thea Taylor
Thea Taylor 2017-Jan-23 06:10:59

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Nick Colletti
Nick Colletti 2017-Jan-22 22:49:07

Honestly I feel like this guy is just butt hurt he can't afford one.

Capo Tuta
Capo Tuta 2017-Jan-22 20:53:11

so its made of steel and has leather

Bjørns 2017-Jan-22 18:30:58

What about new Mercedes GLS ? Are you planning to review it? considering it's very unique 7 seater SUV

Bjørns 2017-Jan-22 18:26:23

I'll take a "Peasant Model" please

ihsan çal
ihsan çal 2017-Jan-22 12:01:31

it is 400 thousand dollars in Türkiye :)

Crunchy Sounds
Crunchy Sounds 2017-Jan-22 11:18:59

I still believe it's ugly outside.

Lance Clark
Lance Clark 2017-Jan-22 03:34:28

Amazing car, but the wankers that drive them!

Manny Big Burrito
Manny Big Burrito 2017-Jan-21 20:56:40

No its not worth it

Thom Paine
Thom Paine 2017-Jan-21 17:50:36

No automobile will ever be worth $154K to me ,or my Wife . But then our wedding bands are carbon fibre and Tungsten steel . And they were under $30 each . :-) But then "Pretty is as Pretty does" as the old saying goes.

Leon Martin
Leon Martin 2017-Jan-21 15:29:04

major snake wilderness net page glance philosophy shopping cattle.

John Oconor
John Oconor 2017-Jan-21 15:10:45

is it bullet proof