How to Kiss While You Make Love

3.224 Likes Love making is not complete without passionate kissing that goes along with real love making. Do you really know how to kiss while you make love? Here are few tips. Though you may be enjoying being with your partner and making love, you may sometimes put kissing on the backburner or forget to kiss in the heat of it all. Remember that your hands (and other body parts) shouldn’t just be the only ones involved in all the action. Kissing can help make a good romp an even better one. Try these tips on how to kiss while you make love to make your next love session even more sizzling. Watch our New Uploads 7 days Earlier, Now on Vessel:

yahya samir
yahya samir 2017-Jan-11 20:53:39


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نصرلله رحیمی 2017-Jan-01 04:27:24

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NaNa Nimse 2016-Dec-31 08:48:21

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Aleyna Çiftçi 2016-Dec-08 22:33:17

How did i end up here?

outofthis world
outofthis world 2016-Nov-28 00:38:57

Lol. His voice is so distracting. I can't focus on what he's saying because he speaks really proper and robotic as if if he was doing a job interview or something.

Ryutobi 2016-Nov-17 19:24:25

glad i found this and took notes.

Gaysha-Lee Frew
Gaysha-Lee Frew 2016-Nov-08 21:25:55

Dwl lol what the fuck

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Nolusindiso Cindy 2016-Nov-08 06:44:32

mmmmmh I like number 6

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kems immie
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Briddy Hll
Briddy Hll 2016-Nov-03 16:13:52

cannot kiss making love, me 3foot 10 girl six foot 4. my head level with her belly button LOL..........

mmatshepo valery
mmatshepo valery 2016-Nov-03 13:49:08

ths s wht i need hey

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Zerxt45 2016-Oct-31 03:27:18

my soulmate ain't neva going to get this

That person who loves dogs and cats
That person who loves dogs and cats 2016-Oct-19 20:56:01

i don't think anybody would watch this seriously😂😂 why tf am i here?!

ty thompson
ty thompson 2016-Oct-14 17:03:54

some grown men still dont know this...