I sound stupid, but I saved a kitten.


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2015-Oct-20 01:26:49
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(For licensing / usage, please contact licensing@viralhog.com) 7/25/16 - This is the original video, there have been a lot of people lately (like... a lot) thinking I stole this video from someone, or reposted it from Inside Edition. Well, sorry. This is the original. Inside Edition bought usage of the video after they interviewed me at my house. As for any other channels that have this video posted, I don't know what to tell you. Check out the other videos of Skidmark I posted if you need some kind of proof. 12/31 - Follow Skids as he grows on instagram! http://www.instagram.com/skidstagram1 Added - 10/26 - To clarify, again, the red car absolutely, 100% did NOT throw the kitten out of the car. It is very hard to see in this video, but on my computer it is very clear, Skids came from underneath the vehicle. He was probably up there for warmth. So please, PLEASE! Do not initiate a witch hunt - the red car is NOT at fault here! Original - Still shaking! Thank you to the mystery lady that helped and all the people that paid attention and stopped, it was very appreciated. Kitten turned out to be a he, and is resting safely now. http://i.imgur.com/36U5Rkc.jpg Update - To answer some questions - - Named him Skidmark. - Keeping him for now. - Have tried to contact person in red car, but she was unavailable. Either to find out if Skids is hers, or to make sure she knows strays are chilling in her undercarriage. She has my number, and a summary of the incident, have yet to hear from her. Quick update video here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2hIIzs9sRc

9puppys 2017-Jan-16 21:50:52

Number 1 Reason For Having Motorcycle & Gopro: Being Able To Rescue Kittens From Jerks Who Drop Them In The Street

Samantha Howse
Samantha Howse 2017-Jan-16 18:30:33

what you did was lovely and so kind. you can hear in your voice how worried you was. so happy she is safe and happyx

Gerald Conques
Gerald Conques 2017-Jan-16 15:16:41

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sugarycake234 2325
Sugarycake234 2325 2017-Jan-16 10:00:30

How is this stupid you just saved a kitten

Jackson Treloar
Jackson Treloar 2017-Jan-16 03:14:41

That's not stupid that's awesome

Zafar Mian
Zafar Mian 2017-Jan-16 00:50:03

e511 ur not stupid ur a hero! I saved a animal God bless u

OwnageCubed 2017-Jan-15 22:13:50

Oh my god i wanted to scream when i saw all of those cars almost kill it

Kris Buerki
Kris Buerki 2017-Jan-15 20:37:16

Your a hero 😊

Maria Moreno
Maria Moreno 2017-Jan-15 11:20:51

That was so brave of u and so kind hearted . I would of done the same thing to.

AutumnPlayz MCPE
AutumnPlayz MCPE 2017-Jan-15 10:06:35

wait your a girl or a boy?

Kayla Deffendall
Kayla Deffendall 2017-Jan-15 05:31:52

you do NOT sound stupid. the people who left that kitten in the middle of the road are FUCKING IDIOTS!!!

Victor G
Victor G 2017-Jan-15 04:46:37

that's not you

Camila Ulloa
Camila Ulloa 2017-Jan-15 04:36:02

no you dont sound stupid you are a hero

Nightmare STB53
Nightmare STB53 2017-Jan-15 02:21:46

god bless you

Black Fingernail
Black Fingernail 2017-Jan-14 17:56:13

where did that cat come from. watch the footage it just appears

june bacon
june bacon 2017-Jan-14 17:54:51

just watching this tv now,well done sweetheart for saving the kittens life

Araceli Valles
Araceli Valles 2017-Jan-14 16:17:50

your not stupid your amazing hero

RandomChan 2017-Jan-14 15:37:52

that cat was bout to get booted

Ariana 2017-Jan-13 18:40:31

Your not stupid. Your a awesome kind hearted person!

Riley Boom
Riley Boom 2017-Jan-12 22:06:04

Ur such a nice person