It’s Happy Hour at Coke


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2017-Jan-09 12:18:24
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| coca-cola | kenya | #tastethefeelingke |
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Grab yourself an ice-cold Coca-Cola and #TastetheFeelingKE

abdulahi abdiqadir
abdulahi abdiqadir 2017-Jan-23 07:47:02

whats the songs name in the back ground

Helevatic 2017-Jan-17 06:12:54

why send him to the other fridge if there was one right next to her?
I also thought it's illegal to drink in the supermarket
No way you can drink a cold coke continuously without it coming out your nose

sandra blunt
sandra blunt 2017-Jan-17 04:44:25

i get it... The girl is thirsty.

stephen shikuku
stephen shikuku 2017-Jan-14 06:07:01

This should be a burned commercial..

Ashashaya TV
Ashashaya TV 2017-Jan-09 12:18:52