Holographic Touch Interface in a CAR? - BMW @ CES 2017


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2017-Jan-10 14:00:26
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Thanks to BMW for sponsoring this video! The ultimate future of automobiles blends the autonomous experience seamlessly with a pure driving experience. This is BMW's vision for how that might come together... Follow: http://twitter.com/linustech http://facebook.com/linustech Join the community: http://linustechtips.com

parru sheikh
parru sheikh 2017-Jan-18 03:49:45

. When I try to kiss my Girlfriend

jack Gullbrandson Finney
jack Gullbrandson Finney 2017-Jan-17 18:59:00

Yeah and its also really safe without the strappons!

Central Intelligence Agency
Central Intelligence Agency 2017-Jan-17 14:51:58

Jesus Christ, give me three pedals, a steering wheels, a shifter, an acc and a stereo. That's all I need and all I want. Everything else just distracts you from driving.

The real Grimmex
The real Grimmex 2017-Jan-17 00:44:56

You can whatch movies in the car there's gesture sensing sees headrest WTF

IndianaAngelica 2017-Jan-16 21:28:34

Sure.... -.- Try driving that futurecar in Norway in 20- C and see who turns into a popcicle first...

xserv4real 2017-Jan-16 21:02:39

So, am I the only one who noticed all of this is powered by Nokia?? (Here technology)

ranjith n
ranjith n 2017-Jan-16 15:29:32

you are the only one who explained about the intel real sense used and also showed the holographic screen. seriously a nice work!!

faensostress 2017-Jan-16 15:00:49

- OMG - Look at all that weed under the back seat!! =D

Eddie 2P
Eddie 2P 2017-Jan-16 13:15:01

holy **** i can be a kid in the backseat again!

Cameron Coile
Cameron Coile 2017-Jan-16 02:51:03

I miss when everyone here used to be just 18y/o weeaboos who like computers.

TheiLame 2017-Jan-15 17:01:11

Remove the car, just keep the seat and we are heading towards WALL-E universe.

Matt Richardson
Matt Richardson 2017-Jan-15 16:23:25

That hologram effect is also the future of television.  Say goodbye projectors say goodbye panels.  Its simply turn your unit on and see an 80 inch 4K bright screen float in front of your eyes.

jamie stewart
jamie stewart 2017-Jan-15 15:17:52

Im sorry but i wouldnt trust this.

Joe Haynes
Joe Haynes 2017-Jan-15 13:39:23

Are indicators still an optional extra in the future ?

paulunga 2017-Jan-15 12:41:46

Is it just me or was that woman Linus talked to (perhaps the engineer he mentioned) really cute?

pas mas
pas mas 2017-Jan-15 11:31:16

The autonomy tha BMW advertizes is a copy of teslas!!!
cameras, sencors, fleet learning lol

bumperxx1 2017-Jan-15 10:39:59

they don't come in pink linus

Nick Miturev
Nick Miturev 2017-Jan-15 10:36:06

That's cool...but what ablout snow...and dirt....and rain) why no doors and top &)

Manish Agrawal
Manish Agrawal 2017-Jan-14 21:47:26

Can it play Crysis 3 ?