10 Pokemon That Actually Exist In Real Life


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2016-Aug-17 21:29:02
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PRANAV RONALDO 7 2017-Jan-24 05:20:50

its not catterpie its catterpee u fool what is this very much spelling mistakes .,.....

Adnan Yusra
Adnan Yusra 2017-Jan-23 14:48:11


Sangeeta Pandey
Sangeeta Pandey 2017-Jan-23 13:49:54


Martina Tirado
Martina Tirado 2017-Jan-22 19:55:30

a no

Jacqueline Trujillo
Jacqueline Trujillo 2017-Jan-22 19:54:40


Anu Kumari
Anu Kumari 2017-Jan-22 14:21:16

fake fake fake fake

Trevor Phillips
Trevor Phillips 2017-Jan-22 01:45:26

Pikachu is the mouse Pokemon but what about dedenne

ENVY__ SpecZ
ENVY__ SpecZ 2017-Jan-21 17:03:49

fuck u

Michelle Bautista
Michelle Bautista 2017-Jan-21 11:35:48

lol its CATERPIE

Pavandheer Lakshmi
Pavandheer Lakshmi 2017-Jan-21 03:04:48

fake pokemons they are animated from that only

exoblo 9565
exoblo 9565 2017-Jan-20 02:17:37

these people have hardcore autism

Keira Khan
Keira Khan 2017-Jan-19 17:48:36

Wow you are great 😊

Seema Singh
Seema Singh 2017-Jan-19 10:50:32

you all are mad this is caterpie mad people

Pumpkin M
Pumpkin M 2017-Jan-19 00:37:46

kissing fish does it kiss u?

Pumpkin M
Pumpkin M 2017-Jan-19 00:34:06

he prononsed caterpie wrong lol its caterpi dont say pie!

Pumpkin M
Pumpkin M 2017-Jan-19 00:32:12

i have a pet pika mouse his cute to me.