Drake - Trust Issues


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2016-May-04 17:07:48
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Official audio to Drake's "Trust Issues" (originally released in 2011) Produced by Adrian X & 40 Lyrics: Aw, yeah, aw, yeah Call up on drank and let's, let's call up All I care about is money and the city that I'm from I'ma sip until I feel it, I'ma smoke it 'til it's done And I don't really give a fuck and my excuse is that I'm young And I'm only getting older, somebody should've told you I'm on one, fuck it, I'm on one I said I'm on one, fuck it, I'm on one, a strong one Two white cups and I got that drink It could be purple, it could be pink Depending on how you mix that shit Money to be got, and I'mma get that shit Cause I'm on one, I said fuck it I'm on one You know what I'm sipping, I'll teach you how to mix it But you're the only one cause I don't trust these bitches I don't trust these bitches, they might catch me slipping So, you're the only one cause I don't trust these bitches They might catch me slipping and put in something different So you're the only one cause I don't trust these bitches I don't trust these bitches, they might catch me slipping So you're the only one Oh, trust issues Yeah, aw yeah, aw yeah Let's call up on drank and let's all get wasted On drank and let's all get faded Drizzy Drake, check me out Coming live from the mothafuckin' North Side Kick game, run game, run it real good But never ever have my bitches sitting courtside Same nigga that you knew way back when You acting like it's somebody you don't know Tell me, how the fuck we supposed to stay friends When you got a bunch of feelings that you don't show? I could tell, I could tell, I could tell Certain people don't like me no more New shit don't excite me no more Guess that they don't really make them like me no more You can look me in my eyes and see I ain't myself Cause if y'all what I created then I hate myself But still, let them girls in and tell 'em all Leave their cell phones on the table where we see them I'm all day with it man, a.m. to the p.m Niggas hating, I just wish that they would say it when they see him That's that shit that drives me crazy And that's all I've been getting lately And it's probably why I'm scared to put the time in Women want to fuck like they're me and I'm 'em Looking for some things and I think that I can find 'em in you, in you -- http://www.drakeofficial.com http://www.octobersveryown.blogspot.com http://www.twitter.com/Drake http://www.facebook.com/Drake http://www.instagram.com/champagnepapi http://www.soundcloud.com/octobersveryown

Leyton Mccann
Leyton Mccann 2017-Jan-23 22:28:25

Beats like Skip the talkin by ace hood 🔥

meow meow
meow meow 2017-Jan-23 00:48:46

trust is issuing out

Karla Herrera
Karla Herrera 2017-Jan-22 00:20:38

I love all 3 versions of this song tbh💕 this is like an amazing song!

aco glamocic
aco glamocic 2017-Jan-21 19:38:20

sounds like the weeknd

Vixsent 2017-Jan-21 00:10:12

- king bach? xD

Kent Ousley
Kent Ousley 2017-Jan-19 23:40:56

henny hefner you drunk as fuck cole will forever be number 1

Madison Farrish
Madison Farrish 2017-Jan-18 22:48:21

2K17 😝❣

Christina Guerrero
Christina Guerrero 2017-Jan-17 23:41:23

Yo if anyone wanna hear the original it's called I'm on one

Zion YungChampagnePapi
Zion YungChampagnePapi 2017-Jan-17 12:00:02

Why wasn't this on Take Care?

GTA VIDEOS 2017-Jan-16 03:05:53

Parody: "Trust his shoes"

Brianna Fkkj
Brianna Fkkj 2017-Jan-15 21:08:02

2k17 anyone

Lauren S. Clark
Lauren S. Clark 2017-Jan-14 23:10:51

Been a fan for awhile!

Santy Toymil
Santy Toymil 2017-Jan-14 01:21:10

Why this isnt on spotify?

Shenita Hampton
Shenita Hampton 2017-Jan-14 00:31:08

me and my boo have trust issues

Courtney Boudreau
Courtney Boudreau 2017-Jan-13 17:37:10

a props to drake!! he is a bad ass!! bless all of his tracks !! such a remarkable artist