Morning Relaxing Music - Positive Feelings and Energy


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2016-Apr-18 15:33:34
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Bernadette Zhyzneuski
Bernadette Zhyzneuski 2017-Jan-16 14:10:23

I'm already tuckered out!

Snjezana Komadina Bauer
Snjezana Komadina Bauer 2017-Jan-14 19:56:54


Alex goes Pro
Alex goes Pro 2017-Jan-13 08:41:39

Tolle morgen relax Musik 😊🙃

Darcie Michna
Darcie Michna 2017-Jan-12 22:18:12

Yes i also want 2 thank god 4 another day! this music is beautiful!

Богдан Фещак
Богдан Фещак 2017-Jan-12 19:10:13

this music saved me yesterday! amazing one, i listen it in my headphones while working, it works just amazingly!

Wilfredo Bracho Uzcategui
Wilfredo Bracho Uzcategui 2017-Jan-12 09:48:57

bella música...

J F 2017-Jan-11 22:50:27

Wakey, wakey, people. Who is an Empath?

Gary Blanchard
Gary Blanchard 2017-Jan-11 22:49:28

relax!! it's great!!

jaetguz 2017-Jan-11 19:25:38

I feel like I'm a lily waiting for the sun to come up at dawn. Playing with the breeze and the upcoming bees. Uber heavenly.

Simple Full
Simple Full 2017-Jan-11 18:30:04

I love the soft rythym and the joyful birds singing their hearts out .. perfect. 🌾🌿

357CLOUDY 2017-Jan-09 13:49:05

Thank you.

clarkkhen tanaka
clarkkhen tanaka 2017-Jan-09 11:58:09

thank you

Myrianne Brunette
Myrianne Brunette 2017-Jan-08 03:49:51

j'ai pleurée en écoutant cette musique les oiseaux c trop beau les chants d'oiseau

WeirdDab Watches
WeirdDab Watches 2017-Jan-07 23:21:05

Well I didn't find this calming at all lol

I'm Let
I'm Let 2017-Jan-06 21:35:48


Saba Haile
Saba Haile 2017-Jan-06 13:10:17

I Love it,Nice Music Tnxxxxxx

I'm Let
I'm Let 2017-Jan-06 06:05:19

I love it ❤️❤️😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

SC Tang
SC Tang 2017-Jan-06 03:35:33

very nice music😊👍👏🌷

stoojmonk 2017-Jan-05 19:38:45

Now THIS, I can wank to.