Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)


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2013-Nov-22 05:00:00
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Get Pharrell's album G I R L on iTunes: Get Pharrell's album G I R L on Amazon: Get Pharrell's album G I R L on Google Play: From the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack. Check out to experience the world's first 24 hour music video! Directed by We Are From L.A. Subscribe to i am OTHER on YouTube: Videos, news and more: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Performed by Pharrell Williams Written and Produced by Pharrell Williams Background Vocals performed by Rhea Dummett, Trevon Henderson, Ashley L. Lee, Shamika Hightower, Jasmine Murray and Terrence Rolle EMI April Music, Inc. obo Itself and More Water From Nazareth (ASCAP), Universal Pictures Music (ASCAP) Recorded by Mike Larson for i am OTHER entertainment Assisted by Matthew Desrameaux Digital Editing and Arrangement by Andrew Coleman and Mike Larson for i am OTHER entertainment Recorded at Circle House Studios, Miami, FL. Mixed by Leslie Brathwaite at Music Box Studios, Atlanta, GA © 2013 Universal Studios i am OTHER: Executive Producer - Pharrell Williams General Manager - Caron Veazey Creative Director - Mimi Valdés Executive Producer - Robin Frank Associate Producer - Bethany Gould Assistant Producer - Alexandra DePersia Digital Marketing - Aviva Yael

Brittny Stansfield
Brittny Stansfield 2017-Jan-16 21:56:40


Victor Rios
Victor Rios 2017-Jan-16 21:44:40

who's whaching this in 2017 if you are give me a like please

SpookySpazo 2017-Jan-16 21:40:16

inb4 1 billion views

Juan Aquino
Juan Aquino 2017-Jan-16 21:26:27

i like your sogs😍😍😍👍👍👍👍💞💞💞💞💞💞

AwesomeSaucomFaucet 2017-Jan-16 20:39:31

It was hilarious when there were parts of this video when they were dancing in a crowded city and everybody was staring in the background of the video.

ひろっぴー 2017-Jan-16 20:04:34

thisDaft Punk?

Boran Kaya
Boran Kaya 2017-Jan-16 19:53:09

cool song

Girl Power
Girl Power 2017-Jan-16 19:40:38

I love this song I' m happy

Braian Medina
Braian Medina 2017-Jan-16 19:28:06

me encantó lo busu mucho 💜

Tatjana Barošević
Tatjana Barošević 2017-Jan-16 19:08:32

I love disis song

Hanna Boessner
Hanna Boessner 2017-Jan-16 18:56:24

the guys oh sed nachos I like them NACHOS and I'm català too holla amics hahahaha I
don't like the homeweerc In in sant andreu de llavaneres so moch homeweerc NOOOOOO!
bye I gada roun away from her aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!
bye I hope you hew a good day aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!

madison Riley
madison Riley 2017-Jan-16 18:49:37


JuniorDuhh 2017-Jan-16 18:08:02

When you passed a test you didn't study for.............

playmobil tijd
playmobil tijd 2017-Jan-16 18:05:20

I love you

Josefa Soares
Josefa Soares 2017-Jan-16 17:58:53

quem está assistindo em 2017?

Misshel Cacay
Misshel Cacay 2017-Jan-16 17:40:55

Miranda Cosgrove? 

José David Velásquez Rojas
José David Velásquez Rojas 2017-Jan-16 17:12:54


trillium 2017-Jan-16 16:40:55

little boy, ~3 years old, Tallahassee FL Civil Court April 6, 2005...

right side of the room, who came running out to ask me my name as the Judge called me forward...

I'm asking you- "what's YOUR name?"

Annabel Hernandez
Annabel Hernandez 2017-Jan-16 16:03:49

so awesome

Bruno Raimundo
Bruno Raimundo 2017-Jan-16 15:57:43

Acho que só eu de Brasileiro aqui